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Banshee - How Does Gaining Afinity Work On Her



Hey everyone


I crafted Banshee recently, I'm trying to level her up to 30 but I get the impression that leveling her up is much much slower process than leveling Vauban or Ember.

To be honest even Volt was faster to lvl.


It seems that's because she has almost no abilities that simply deal damage.

So how does she get affinity? I don't understand how this works with sonar. does she gain affinity when using this power like for kill assists or what? Because I've been using it a lot and it didn't look like it was leveling faster.


So what would be better way? Spamming her "force push" or "drop the bass" ultimate?


I'm looking for any kind of input. Tips for general use of Banshee would be aprecciated as well ;)

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Warframes gain exp for killing enemies, being near enemies killed by teammates, and by using their powers. Note: you don't have to hit anything to gain exp with the powers, you just need to use them. This makes it a good idea to expend any energy you have before ending a mission to gain as much exp as you possibly can. 

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Seeing as how she can't really kill anything with her warframe abilities she's stuck with killing with sonar and weapons. This makes her gain 50% affinity to warframe and 50% to weapons. My advice is just spam sonar at kappa. You'll level up fast even with 25% because of the amount of enemies.

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