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How to Oberon?



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11 hours ago, Srovy said:

Hmm well I wouldn’t do it cause it takes up a slot and isn’t all that useful 

I would disagree, 

The changes to the augment recently make it so "you" gain a % damage bonus like a damage mod based on strength and not just allies, 

Running a weapon with 150 to 200% radiation damage on an adequate weapon is really strong. 

For op:

Oberon has quite a few useful builds, the typical is the efficiency heavy Phoenix build,

low duration about  67% or more

High efficiency, 160 to 175%

Medium to default  range 145 to 100, 

High strength 210%

Phoenix renewal augment to keep you ticking. 

If you want to make your Oberon more of a damage buff using smite infusion you may want more duration and range  and less efficiency. 


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Smite Infusion is a stick, comes with two ends. It does add radiation damage and can very easily be applied to the squad now, but you don't always want that extra radiation damage. If you're relying on specific procs - the two most important being corrosive and slash (with or without viral) - then this buff can actually hurt your damage output because it will shift procs. For things like Eidolons it's always good because you build for radiation. Also, if you run a viral+radiation setup, for example, and there's a Saryn in the squad or the enemies have no armor - then it's good too. But if there's armor then at lower levels the extra damage doesn't matter because the enemies die very easily and at higher levels it can very well lower your damage. On the positive side, if your teammates run AoE weapons with decent status it can help with CC, but that's a fringe case as well. Overall, it can certainly be a good thing but I wouldn't be using it by default in any kind of mission with random groups. Same is true for the other augments in this line, to a lesser extent in respect of the Saryn's one because it's corrosive.

As for Oberon, I've been running him as a healer tank this way. 


You can't make him any tankier, unless you aren't going to use his 2nd and mostly are expecting to play at levels where the damage you receive will be enough to account for higher energy drain on his 4th - in which case you could drop Primed Continuity in favour of Rolling Guard. Also - instead of P. Sure Footed a normal Handspring would work just as fine (iirc the difference between them is like 50ms) or you could use Pain Threshold too.

If you're into greening the barren landscapes of the Solar system planets with his 2nd and don't mind being squishier - Rage, Adaptation and Quick Thinking could be replaced with Stretch and any other two mods of your choosing. Blind Rage should also be replaced with another STR mod that doesn't hurt efficiency that much. I'd use a combination of Transient Fortitude+Intensify (occupying one of said two mod slots) or Intensify+Augur Secrets. Leaving you with one mod slot which can be anything. Streamline and Smite Infusion come to Mind. And since in this build you're not gonna be tanking that much so you can use Power Drift in the exilus slot.

Also - I wouldn't recommend locking yourself into any kind of an Umbral build because you won't be able to change builds as freely once you have. And it's not going to be better at anything as well, neither tankiness nor utility.

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Energy Conversion is a good mod if you have a warframe that you don't need too cast to much, just sometimes, so you control the buff -> spell time correct. And don't sacrifice Duration or Efficiency like Rage or Transient.

216 rad buff with Energy Conversion.



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The problem with Hunter Adrenaline/Rage is that not every mission you are taking damage, killing stuff fast, or allies killing stuff, or just that the place is not that open for enemies to shot at you. So you run out of energy.


You can change Hunter for Primed continuity / streamline. Energize on place of guardian would also probably solve any energy problem issue.

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i personally love smite infusion, same with the saryn one too.

i dont really enjoy playing the gardener oberon or the renewal oberon.... i keep them there for when its needed but i have always ran with a focus on smite and reckoning,
if folk need armour and immunity, garden comes out with a renewal, but renewal is switched off once buffs are applied 🙂 until needed again.

with infusion i run strength and duration, efficiency helps but its a pain to juggle effectivley with only streamline and fleeting expertise. (duration loss is a killer)

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