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Warframe - Coop, hosting and LAN.


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Many people are complaining about how hosting is handled in Warframe and tbh it leads to some terrible gaming experiences no one wants to hear a thing about. The only option we have is to get a ping threshold, which isn't even working since ping can go up and down at any time (if the guy who's hosting is downloading stuff for example - and i've met a lot of them, ping starts at 100, then we get 2k). Some people also have terrible and poor connections, they quite often know it but they're still hosting for some reasons.

For my part i've stopped playing this game as a guest cause it's basically unplayable half of the time. My connection is quite excellent and my wife is also playing the game so there's little to no chance we aren't hosting. Sure it helps (at least for us) but two things are definitely missing in Warframe:

1. First, decent options to handle better connections such as an option to never be the host for example. If one has some terrible connection and is aware of that why would he ever be the host anyway ? - Sure he'll get his own hosting but all players will left the second they'll enter. Game should also check the real ping (including his up and down) - if i want to play with low ping players, i shouldn't get 1k ping afterward - that doesn't make any sense.

2. Cause the first option isn't necessarily viable, Warframe definitely needs to handle LAN-coop and at least multiple hosts. If i'm playing with a friend, a brother or my wife/husband, why the hell would they have lags if i'm hosting ? WF needs to handle clients on the same connection and LAN-coop to help with people having poor connections too. Playing solo is definitely not fun but most content is really fun with at least two players, and lags shouldn't be an option. Multiple people playing on the same connection shouldn't have different experiences of the game either. Sure it's weakening a connection but then it leads to my first point.

Tbh even a pure LAN without a single internet connection would only affect relays and chats, two things we barely care of. Anyway this game really needs to handle multiple clients playing on the same connection, especially if this connection can handle it. I don't mind damage 3.0 or additional content, but hosting deserves a real QoL to make the game at least playable for a lot of players.

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