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Fan concept art: Zealot inquisitor


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Inquisitors are most devoted & fanatical warrior. If you show them any doubt about their emissary, they'll teach you excruciating lesson.



Normal type: Armed with hematoss submachine gun & inquision glaive. Their appearances are same as other zealot fighters.

Elite type: Zealot elite armor attached. Armor & health enhanced.

Hypermode: when inquisitors have severe damage, they overload infested core cell inside of themselves: Mobility & strength are significantly increased.
                   Also, they can use blade-shaped tentacles as lethal weapon.






Twin hematoss: These arm-attachment submachineguns are small version of hema. If enemy is nearby while you reloading, hematoss will take enemies
                         health for refill ammunition.

Inquisition glaive: This glaive weapon is oozing highly infective spore form grip part, Permitted for faithful devotee only: who don’t have any fear about Infestation.   

Zealot elite armor: This armor set is honorable reward for devotion & bravery.



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