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Profit Taker bounty phase 2 keeps joining me to an extracting team


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I have tried to start the bounty of Profit taker phase 2 and enter Fortuna. Every time it adds me to a party that is about to extract. The mission dialogues and objective doesn't start at all. My team ends up extracting and I get stuck in host migration forever forcing me to quit the client. Ideally the matchmaking is not supposed to add you to a squad that has finished the objective. 
Please get this fixed asap, I got to do the NW profit-taker still.

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Phase 2 is so short (~2 min. 30 sec. with a pub group), if you have slow loads, you will pretty much always load in after the entire bounty is over.

It's easy to solo speedrun so I suggest just doing it alone.

Edit: oop, necropost, didn't see date. Hope you got it figured out 😄 

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