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PS4 Crash Issue (CE 34878-0)


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Hello! Since the last correction made in the game, regarding the "Dog Day" event, I have been having serious crash issues (blue screen). it started on the 6th and since then i have lost a huge amount of items and affinity for spending more than 15 minutes on a mission. It all starts with a small lock on the screen, and when I spend 15 minutes or so, my game closes and everything I've accumulated during the mission is gone, minus the void slot rewards. I kindly ask you to give me an answer about this and a possible solution as it discourages me from having to chase the same things over and over again. Thanks in advance for your attention!

PS4 Slim - id: Rivilys

(Print of error code CE 34878-0) https://imgur.com/a/fm5c2pM

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Been getting the same issue since dog days. Had several crashes in the last several days. Just got one now in Gabii after nearly 30 mins in mission, was levelling up stuff and lost all progress, most stuff was nearly done too. Really disapointing tbh. My mate is having exactly the same issue too. Seems to happen mostly in long term survivals and defenses. Cant recall in my nearly 2000hrs played ever having blue screen issues before.

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