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Roombas have feelings too!


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If our Roombas could speak...

What would they say when they bump into things in our orbiter?

Could you imagine your Roomba bump into you and start screaming to you with a... Vay Hek's voice, for instance? Or any kind of boss we could think of.

This could be a good addition to step up their game and gain personality. For this to work, we would need to have an exclusive UI for customization with a "pack" of voices that we could buy for them (like we have for the tunes for Mandachord) and set of colours (like the ones that are on the market right now).
A possibility of giving a name to Roombas is there too, but could be a good or bad idea, depending of how much Roombas people own.

Hope you guys watch the video and think about this idea for a moment. Let me know about your opinion!

The inspiration of this idea comes from this video made by the Youtuber Michael Reeves.

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Said this before and will say it again Tyl Regor Romba.

"Needs to be secret. Needs to be clean... this house. Not some dirty Galleon – hatch open, for trespassers to spread their filth!"

"Most intriguing, Lotus. Do you two have a... history?"

"Tenno lizards, scampering 'bout my house, messing with my work, contaminating my science! Who let them in?! Which twit did this thing?"


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