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Positives and ideas.

(XBOX)Evil Semajtteb

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I'm bored at work and had posted or replied to posts , then I did note it's all kinda negative. Even from myself. 

So. Things I love and would like to see more of. 

Mod sets and new mods. The amalgam mods and even the aero modus mod sets. Even if I dont use them  it's still nice to have that option. I'd love to see more and thanks for giving new options for builds. 


Clan dojo contest. I wont be taking part (we just redid our entire dojo layout)

but little things like this do help bring the community together, a little friendly competition. 


I'd love to see more room options. Maybe a quarters area. One passage way with 4 to 6 smallish rooms coming off this. Bunk and a window to a space view? 


Some small hall or rooms. (Ok. My reason for this is mildly troll ish, my friend hates floofs. So I kinda want to make him a room where he can de-stress in a safe space after slaughtering thousands of corpus/grineer/infested.... honest.

(Or just fill the room to the brim so when he gets nosy and looks inside... they all fall on top of him. )


A small grassy 'farm'. Hear me out! Remember your first kavat or kubrow. Terrible colours but they helped you through those early missions.... then you shot them out in to space to make room for something prettier. wouldnt it have been nicer to have them consigned to a dojo room where they could run around. The grass floor effect is already there. Maybe a 5 pet limit per room?


Smaller versions of the tenno rooms. You know. The ones with the water and trees. Seeing the competition I wanted to have a smaller version to put say  the profit taker articula and some corpus articulas, add the snow effect to make a battle type scene. It would be a pointless room. Other than to see who could make the most epic looking battle  😁😂 (we would need to be able to donate articulas but it would be kinda cool. 


The frame displays on the orbiter. Every clan has those players who's frames just look absolutely stunning. The option to have them displayed in the halls. ? 


Any other ideas. Positive one please! Drop rate moans and event gripes fill the pages. I'm just in the mood to see what everyone loves and of they have any really cool ideas. This has probably been done before but you may have refinded an idea. 

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