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Abnormal Spawn Characteristics for Vallis Jackals


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I've been mucking about in the Vallis for awhile now and I've noticed some odd things about the Jackal enemies:
They have no spawn animation; They Literally Appear out of thin air guns blazing and before anyone asks, there is no beam-down effect when they appear.

Second; They are invulnerable for about 5-10 seconds after spawning, I suspect this is tied to the lack of a spawn animation or a possible script error.

Third similar to larger Raknoids, they only spawn in numbers equal to the size of the current squad, and It seems they share the spawning script, which is problematic since it appears they are meant to spawn alongside Elite Enemies(Which unlike Raknoids have Eximus units). 
These Points tie into my personal assessment of a common complaint regarding these Jackals: "Where is Jackal Eximus?", Well from I've seen it seems that due to using incorrect scripting for their spawning they cannot appear as Eximus units under most circumstances. 

The fix I would Propose would be to move Jackals into the spawn table used by Elite units. 

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