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Simple suggestion for ballistic battery.


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As it stands you activate, build up damage, activate again, and then, and ONE PROJECTILE of the next shot that is fired has charged damage. That means the worst possible weapon to use this on would be a shotgun. 

My suggestion is that ballistic battery no longer contribute to damage at all, and instead contribute to multi-shot based on the amount of charge you build up and the amount of ability strength you have modded for. In addition adding a gauge similar to the gauges of some other frames, saryn, Nezha... when activating the skill the guage appears, and fills as you are firing, then drains when you activate again and resume firing. Contribution to multishot is based on percentage so it stacks with existing multishot percentage. And yes i would have this usable in peacemaker where you would toggle it rapidly on and off to truly maximize what peacekeepers are capable of. This would benefit nearly any weapon that Mesa has equipped instead of only benefiting one single projectile which is virtually useless....

So basically as you build a charge the percentage of additional multishot chance builds and builds and then decreases as you actually use that charge, like a battery charging and draining....

Yes i know battery is a word with multiple meanings and the problem is that DE isn't really specific about what context they mean here. but right now it just kinda feels like a trash skill.. Yes it's a bit overpowered but Mesa is a true glass cannon under most builds, she should hit hard. And i mean look at what Harrow and Chroma can do. This completes the trinity. Damage, crit, and multishot. 

Just a thought.

*edit: I guess where I'm coming from here is instead of charging up damage, you're charging up bullets. Then when your fully charged you send all those extra bullets you charged up out... definitely would work best with weapons that already have multishot... shotguns and such, but would work well with just about any weapon. 

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