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What is Your Favorite/Most Hated Cereal and Cheese?


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Simple as this. (Game) List your favorite cheese, and favorite cereal. then your most hated cheese and most hated cereal.


1: My favorite cheese is probably, PepperJack+Mozzarella [Mix]

2: My favorite cereal is [well, it's a granola mix i haven't had in awhile, it's like a cereal bar'ish with raisins and granola... its dang good.]

^[it was in a green or purple box]

3: My most hated cheese is uh, anything hard/Apple smoked nonsense, its non edible, and there are even worse cheese's, like brie.. a boogery wax one

4: My most hated cereal has to be captain crunch, for making my mouth bleed with every spoonful, its like, HEY, why is my milk red?

OH THAT'S RIGHT, I'am gushing out blood all over the dang place...


particularly as well? which is more preferable, Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream? ice cream makes me sick, lactose intolerance, but frozen yogurt is great.

then there is Gelato... and mochi, mochi is good too. 

I like superman ice cream, and neapolitan mix, and the sherbets, and chocolate mint. food is good, there is so much stuff i like, not alot of hates...

but honestly, some cheese, i tried a few and hated a ton. =o superman ice cream was the best. not sure what it is really called, but it was colorful



kind of in the mood for some food. a cheese, a cereal, and an ice cream, but wanted a frozen yogurt/gelato mango ice cream. mango is great

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My favorite cheese is Maiming Strike and Covert Lethality, my favorite cereal is any cereal as long as it has greedy milk.

My most hated cheese are nukers, tanks, and permainvis with no real drawbacks, also operator is close.

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