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[Recruiting] Tenno Of The Blood Oath


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      Hi fellow Tenno i come here to offer a chance to join our clan, we have often fought against our enemies and many times we had many unknown Tenno at our side but i offer you a place to call home and fellow Tenno to trust and go on missions with.


      We just started this clan and many things are being built, we require your strenght to increase our effectiveness and with us you can find friends and people to have good times with.


      Currently looking for active and friendly members, masterie lv is not important at the time but we want people to group up with and not only help but also contribute to the clan.


      Anyone willing to take arms and join us please leave a message here or contact in game Siegx or Grondo for a clan invite.


Region: europe



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updating: the labs are being built and we have managed to increase our numbers to 5 members

still recruiting so if anyone is looking for friendly players and like to have a small clan where you can know each other and have fun feel free to message me in game or leave a reply here

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I would like to join if it's not full, I have 2 warframes level 30 (Excalibur and Rhino), 2 primaries(Boltor Level 30, Paris Level 20) 2 secondaries(Hikou Kunai)  and 1 melee(Fang) currently working on Ash for stealth or offensive gameplay

I would gladly contribute some resources.


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