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Prism the Crystal Warframe


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I once again re-submit my idea on a Crystal warframe. I've edited her to work with OTHER warframes as well, for the first true combo possible abilities.

So, Prism: A female based frame that utilizes crystals in many forms to fight with a primary on Slash damage. I apologize, but i will forgo the stats, as anyone who knows me, knows i'm bad at that 😄 so here are her abilities.

Passive: Refraction: Prism deflects any and all lasers, effectively 'passing straight through them with no issue. This means, she takes 50% less damage from laser based weaponry, and is not effected by laser trip wires/alarms. however camera's can still spot her. She also cannot trip laser based alarms. Alternate Refraction: This is activated by toggling ability 2. This changes from a damage mitigation to a damage reflection. X amount of damage is reflected back at anyone using laser weapons on Prism. She is still immune to laser trips in this state, HOWEVER she can now trip laser alarms as instead of passing through her, they are reflected by her.

Passive 2: Prism has no Energy bar. Instead, she has a Crystal Bar. This is how much crystals have grown on her body. This fills faster with energy orbs, however the bar slowly fills, and fills faster when taking laser damage.

Passive 3: Like Chroma, the color of her crystals grant her HIGH resistance to elements. However, Crystals will NOT attack with an element unless effected by an external source. Defensive, not offensive.

One: Crystal Storm: After allowing enough time to build up, Prism can shoot the crystals off her body at enemies causing slash damage and a slash/bleed proc. Crystals build up over time, or, generate quickly if an energy orb is picked up. Holding the button causes the Crystals to swarm around seeking targets for a short while. While doing this, Prism is restricted to a secondary/one handed weapon to 'guide the crystals. Attacking the crystal storm, just like Zephyr's ultimate, can add an elemental effect to them, giving her Slash proc plus X element. Elemental Damage is based off Slash proc damage.

Two: Form: This allows Prism to alter the state of her Crystals. This changes all existing abilities between Slash, and Puncture style damage. As stated above, it also changes her passive deflection. While in form 1, sliding, bullet jumping, running past enemies, causes slash damage. running only does minor slash damage, bullet jumping does high slash damage, and sliding does medium slash damage.  Form two allows for MAJOR puncture damage when bullet jumping and ground slamming. Sliding does minor puncture damage, and running past enemies does no damage. Form 3 is Elemental state. This reverts all abilities/stats to basic, this form only gains one thing, elemental ability. this lets Prism literally become a living ball of fire, or shards of ice, electricity etc. This allows her to take on the element most needed, or most used by the enemy. While it does not give her any attack power, this creates a buff, effected by her attack range (stretch works to expand it) much like the existing eximus buffs. Fire for attack damage, ice for enemy slow, lightning for attack/shooting speed, poison for enemy health degradation, combo powers only give her a defensive resistance against them.

Three: Crystal Prison: Target an enemy and attach crystals to them. The crystal will slowly grow until they are encased in crystal. This can effect any enemy (except boss's and eximi). Once fully encased, they become a permanent fixture until destroyed. Interacting with the encased enemy will activate the enemy as a crystal entity giving them X amount of time to be an ally. Up to seven entities can be used at one time. Any more shatter the existing in slash proc aoe or puncture proc aoe respectively. Hitting a Crystal Prison with an element, create a small range buff, similar to form 3. this buff is far weaker then form 3's, however if the crystal prison is destroyed, the buff does a small aoe around itself.

Four: Monolith: Channeling all her crystal into a single, powerful tower, Prism summons a crystal monolith from the ground and it begins to send out crystal storms in all directions, seeking and killing enemies within its range. Adding crystal to the monolith creates more smaller monoliths around the main one, adding to its range and power. This is done by interacting with it with a held button press. pressing and holding the button causes a crystal surge, shattering the monolith, bonus damage for any smaller ones, and schockwaves out in all directions. This causes slash proc or puncture proc respectively. Attacking the crystal storms, once again, causes them to take on elemental damage. The monolith can be infused with health orbs, orbs that drop into the monoliths range, and generate a health pulse for every 5 health orbs absorbed. this heals all nearby tenno for 150 hp over 10 seconds. this can happen as long as the monolith is active, and is being fed hp orbs.

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