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Warframe Personal Issue, My Fix to it.


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Hello my name is Traumathemc, but you can call me trauma. I've been playing warframe for a year and a half now and let me just say I love this game. Its 100% free I've made a few friends and I am an ash player. It also got me through the darkest time of my life I was depressed, lost my best friend and became suicidal, But this game really helped me through all of that. Now that you know I'm not a troll or hater or something, I do have an issue with the game and the issue is IT GETS BORING FAST AS F**K. I looked for other players solutions and all they say is "play a different game" which is such a cop out and a lazy response. Not to mention that I'm playing on an HP laptop with an i3 processor, so other games aren't much of an option. I played halo 2 and 3 professionally and I beat that game hundreds of times, I got my lvl 50 in 3 game types MLG, lone wolves and Team Snipers. I played the same maps with the same guns and no story line for 3 YEARS EVERYDAY. Never got bored not once. I didn't even want to think of other games. So I beat all the chapters in warframe, I collected and built some Primes, I've done everything. Its Like groundhogs day to be honest. I was so happy for the Fortuna update but was very disappointed on how there wasn't anything to do but pick flowers and skateboard ( I wish I was joking about that) last Year we saw railjack and this year we saw it again but with an update and we have to wait till "FALL" I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't come out till spring of 2020. I just think that this could cause people to lose interest in the game and might not ever return to it. But I think a simple fix would just be to Reward players more for grinding If that's what this game is 90% of the time at least let me see my warframe get stronger or since I played halo back in the days make PVP fun to play, Make players want to play the game Regardless if its the same map, same gun etc. Maybe that's allot to ask for a free to play game and yeah I agree I'm not a programer or game designer I'm just a fan. But I think this is a topic that would be nice to have more conversations on. What does everyone else think? Am I just being needy or do you all Feel me? Btw send me a Friend request and or some platinum if you got it lol and thank you for reading this.     

      I say this with love -Traumathemc  

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