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Arcanes- Operator-Amp-Pets -loadouts.


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So i am playng , warframe for quite of a lot of hours now , and theres a few things related to UI that realy dissapoints or anoys me .

First , the arcane UI when u trade them , u can't tell wich rank 3 arcane is equiped on youre frame , also when u create/make them rank 3 new ranked arcane (say u have 2 and make a third one) could apear in the middle or like first , so its imposible to distinguish when u sell them , so u dont unequip it from a frame (say u have arcane 1 and 2 , and u make 3rd , the 3rd could be listed from left to right as 312 or 132, u could tell because when u make it rank 3 it stay selected).

Second , make more operator and arcane loadouts , as in pressets , and link them to frame pressets, say i play volt , i make my particular volt loadout for terralist with the build and everything , make it so that one of those loadouts corespond to the frame loadout ,   as in school , madurai , operator with magus  vigor and magus lockdown, x 77  with wirtuos shadow then when i switch my loadout for chroma , i get  say x27 amp with magus vigor  and magus repair.

Third , why exactly do i have to always switch form my Sahasa Kubrow  to my  smeeta Kavat? its plain anoyng and makes me hate the sistem, if u dont want to change this and alow players to have  more than 1 active pets , for the sake of fast changing or loadout changing,  PLS for the love of god remove the stasis animation , yes i'm that guy that hates it.

Much love from Moldova , and forgive my pitiful english .

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It's really disappointing and annoying how they neglect those simple things that have no reason to be the way they are... And when they decide to do something about them, it takes them a very long time. They're QoL, yes, but really meaningful.

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