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End Game Challenge...


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This has added a whole new level of fun to WarFrame...


I've been playing this way for the past few weeks and it makes me want a customizable HUD. I really don't want to see anything but how much Energy I have. Or make it where I only have a Cross Hair when I aim down the sights.


(this isn't a joke, you'll see me go the wrong way a couple of times)

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Now, try using low-level frames/remove mods and weapons!


But anyway, I might try this at a later point. I like to keep my HUD.


It all started when I was recording for a Clan Video... Then it kinda stuck with me... I enjoyed having to "think" and not just running towards a Orange "!" on a mini map...


Aiming also took a little practice, but it's not overly hard, I'd say if you try this stay away from single shot weapons at first...

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