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Returning Player - New UI Feedback


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Hi All,

I just downloaded the game after having not played since early 2018. Naturally, since this is a pretty detailed game, the first thing I did was spend 15 minutes on my ship going through the Settings and UIs.

Then I stumbled upon the new inventory UI and wow...what?! How? Who? Why? Even after checking the box to add item names back (which should be enabled by default, and then perhaps burn that option afterward and enforce names) the UI was still annoying to navigate. Giant thumbnails? C'mon guys, this isn't 1998. Detailed lists are king here, imo. Especially for anything with over a dozen items. For a game with crafting and a large amount of random components/parts/pieces/items, you have a default inventory UI that doesn't contain a single word or number, practically.

Blows. My. Mind.

All I could do was imagine a dozen or so developers/designers in a conference room, looking at a powerpoint of the new UI proposals, and somehow coming to the conclusion that it looked great. Then I imagined how this UI was released a while ago probably, and is still somehow in the game. Then I realized...woah...am I in the minority on this new UI? Is this the Twilight Zone right now?

TL;DR -  I just wanted to throw my two cents in that I think the new inventory UI is (objectively, not just subjectively) a UX disaster and I'm completely stunned that it was created, passed QA, and apparently wasn't ripped to shreds by the public.

A passionate nerd.

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1 hour ago, WispaMan said:

Then I realized...woah...am I in the minority on this new UI? Is this the Twilight Zone right now?

Fully agreeing with this feeling, been gnawing at my mind since day one, and I really, honestly cannot believe anyone that even read that "design for dummies" textbook could do something as outdated, as user-unfriendly as this. Definitely not subjective, as you have already said, and I do have a decade of design universities to stand behind the claim, as well as textbooks that came with it which would prove that the claim wasn't misinterpreted, but. Question is, should we start a proper megathread listing all of the issues the new UI contains? It would most certainly be a long one. And would it even be of any use, considering that the new ui is, at most parts, better than the former? It indicates that whoever is behind this wheel is actually pushing things forward. Regardless of the method. On top of this, doing the work of a tutor for free, while those you're trying to teach will make money off the knowledge you provide, even in such a manner, kind of hurts.

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I also have recently returned and I am not a fan of the new Melee system. I liked being able to draw and guard with your sword but now I have to draw it with a quick melee. I would like to have the old system back where you could draw the melee weapon separately. For the record, I do understand why the devs made this change but it does make me now focus more on shooting instead of channeling, guarding, and rushing towards my enemies.

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