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Fissure Mission freezes after Host Migration


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This has happened to me 3 times now.  In a Defense Fissure Mission after finishing one round if the host leaves and the rest of us stay it will do a Host Migration then it will take us to the relic selection screen.  We can pick a Relic but then nothing happens.  The timer runs out to 0 and then nobody can do much of anything.  We can still use Squad Chat but we can't do anything to get past the Relic selection screen.  Eventually we have to abort the mission in which nobody gets to keep any of the Prime Parts that were previously rewarded. 


EDIT:   Just wanted to add that I lost the initial Relics that were cracked PLUS I lost the last Relic that I tried to use before the game froze.    In this case these were all Radiant Axi relics.

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