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Dog Days Floof Problem


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So, let me start by saying im not sure if this is an intentional oversite or a bug or just accidentally not implemented, but i thought it worth mentioning.

During the dog days event, myself and another clanmate decided to farm up a couple of the floof balls; a decoration with both collision and physics features... thats unique on its own without even considering that its from a limited time event. it got us thinking about what else we could do with them besides just letting our pets play with them. 

what we came up with was this 

a dojo soccer pitch, complete with goals and our own clan rules. it was a fantastic idea until... 

you cant donate the floof balls from the event to the dojo.

its not that i mind that my work was to waste, but this seemed really just strange. i thought id bring it up as feedback, and like i said, not really sure if this was a buf or just an oversight, but it seems like a really simple fix to add the floof ball to the list of donatable decorations to the dojo. thought i ought to bring it up

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I know for a fact that you can actually play football on your Orbiter with another player, and no issues at that other than the cramped space. Tested and approved with my girlfriend, so I'm at a loss as to why it isn't viable for the Dojo. Seems like pure oversight to me, or some other hidden reason that is not so obvious to us.

In any case I have one of the green floofballs for my Orbiter and another full set of the floofballs waiting for a change on this, so I can have that set within my dojo.

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