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Chains of Harrow : Temple as Warframe


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Hi D.E. and Tennos ! I discovered a new cool glitch. It's possible to do the last mission of the quest "Chains of Harrow" as a Warframe.



There are few steps to get this result:

- First step: Find the temple (to have room's position)

- The second step is to get oob (out of bound). Titania is the best Warframe to get oob. (We'll see Orokin Derelict's holes map in a huge post about Warframe and oob).

 - Last step: Reach the temple as Warframe


D.E. is an realy easy glitch to fix:

- Make the rell's chains vulnerable to void damage only (Shooting the center of the chains with regular weapons will break them)

- Do not lunch the mission script before checking the player is using transference                                                                                                                                                                            (Or by using a wonderfull invisible wall or a huge "Unstuck Wall" that make us reintegrate the bounds, you can make the temple unreachable by outsidethe map. I know you love those assets)



Btw oobs are fun and not realy game breaker. Warframe is full of oobs, let's catch them all ! Hope you enjoy getting out of bounds 😉

Thanks for reading !

Keep calm and wait for Empyrean's oobs

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