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#PS4 Hello, can you write here about the offer to buy / sell Prime parts, or is it from this other group? I play PS4 recently (I switched from PC), and I can't get a few parts, I have others too. That is why I wanted to ask players who play longer for the possibility of exchange, if someone has a sale, I am looking for:

Limbo Prime - neurooptics, coating
Mesa Prime - systems, neurooptics, coating
Chroma Prime - plan, coating
Hydroid Prime - coating, neurooptics
Mirage Prime - plan, systems, neurooptics
Wukong Prime - plan, systems
Zephyr Prime - plan, systems
Valkyr Prime - systems, neurooptics, coating

Akbolto Prime - plan
Braton Prime - body, connection
Burston Prime - body, connection
Pyrania - barrel, surgery
Rubiko - barrel, surgery
Stradawar - barrel, connection
Sybaris - barrel, connection

My PSN nickname is ramonesco

I do not mean buying, but maybe someone is on the market and would like to exchange other parts?

Ps. If the post is incompatible with the forum, please delete. Greetings.
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