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Excavation - Power Carrier spawn problems


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So this happens every now and then, where sometimes Power Carrier spawn rate drops to ridiculously low level, where you get like 1 Power Cell per 30-60 seconds at best. I'm not entirely sure if their spawns just break or they get stuck somewhere. It happened to me on different Tilesets and with different factions.

Can we get a change to ensure we always get a steady spawn rate of Power Carriers? It is quite annoying to have to leave Excavation after like 7-8 rounds, just because there are barely any Power Cells around, and it takes ridiculously long for each Excavator to finish.

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I think its because we have to run from one side to the map to the other most of the time to reach excavator and in between those tiles mobs that spawn dont despawn nor teleport but they have to make their way to you(and we know how slow they are) and they still add to the spawn cap, so if an excavator is 600m away then there are going to be some mobs taht spawn in between those tiles and you have to wait for them to get to you.

But whatever the case we neeed them to be increased or have mobs spawn only in rooms with an excavator or near that room(when an excavator is active) while the rest despawn or teleport near the excavator

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