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Invasion missions seem a little funky.

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The idea of invasions is slick like a wet willy sliding down a toucan's gullet! But then it's kind of a isolated system. You'd think that invasions would have a huge impact on their node, but they don't really. I would like to be in a mission and then it's dynamically interrupted when an invasion force from another faction shows up. You know the drill: A little line from one of the bosses or whatever. And on top of that, it would be even more interesting if you now had two missions you could pursue as you see fit. And lastly, ya'll should know that I can't finish a post without suggesting something off the wall. So check this out: Invasion missions can have two competing squads. That's 8 people, possibly pvp-esk, conflicting interests. It could be separately connected missions or 1 mission idc.



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