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Orokin Derelict Survival



Couldnt seem to find anything about the reward table...


The survival missions all give out Survival keys, at a great rate, and each Faction gives out another key:


Infested - Mobile Defense

Grineer - Defense

Corpus - Capture


In the Derelict, do we get the same as the Infested loot tables or by any chance Exterminate Keys? Im asking cause even though I love the drop tables for keys now, theres no reference on the mod drops, and also Exterminate keys seem to have the lowest drop chance of them all... and thats where Dakra is.


Even though I have it already, it makes it harder for other players to get it, or Frost Prime.


And along with that, does it drop the same rare mods as the other survivals, or maybe a different one? :)


Thanks in advance!

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All I can tell you is that Equilibrium mod is somewhere there in the Derelict Void, commonly drop by the boss but sometimes also from infested; a part from this I've done 2 surv solo in the Derelict Void today and to be honest I coudln't even understand what was the reward, I saw nothing but what I got during the mission in the extraction table...

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I don't think there is a reward for Orokin Derelict Survivals, I've never noticed one.


Guess Ill have to test it out after I finish gathering Salvage for the clan weapons.


Thanks anyways for all the replies. Just find it interesting Endless Defense gives rewards, yet Survival seems not to.

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