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Most important of all is to have in mind that all daggers are far behind from other weapons, now we can begin with the changes. (This is only for feedback purposes, we are not aware of which changes DE wants to make).

-First Change, all daggers need many upgrades to the stats so they could serve more as melee weapons, then we come across another problem that is "REACH".

-Second Change, to fix the lack of range in this kind of weapons we must improve the combo attacks to make the player reach the enemy quickly without getting killed in the process.

*Examples of combo attacks: 

-1st combo: some frontal cuts with final staggering hit with the handle.(While standing still).

-2nd combo: a few slide or spin attacks that can make enemies fall to the ground. (While moving forward).

-3rd combo: just one first hit that launches the warframe towards the enemy and then the combo continues with some stabs and cuts.(Moving forward while right-clicking)

-Third Change, daggers are design to finish enemies, specially with "Covert Lethality"... The feature here would be adding an extra hit in each combo but only for daggers, (example: right-clicking at the end) that makes the stance conclude with a finisher.


P.D.: I beg you, DE, to add more variety of daggers in the game.


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