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Just A Few New Ideas [SYNDICATE WARS][Library in the Void][Oil Pools in Derelict]


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i wish we could hide/unhide blueprints in the foundry
And Favorite/Unfavorite blueprints in the foundry
I also wish we could buy syndicate items from the Clan Dojo [syndicate sectioned rooms]
^Would help with back and forth trade stuff, getting selling clan gear [maybe an increase to the standing pool caps from 127,00 to 225,000]
But having syndicate themed rooms for the dojo would be kind of cool

Arbiters of Hexis, Steel Miridian, Cephalon Suda, New Loka, Red Veil, Perrin Sequence 

A New room for the dojo, 6, 1 of each of the syndicates, themed towards them. and you can buy/sell with them there.

i also think the stupid infested orbiter room, it should be a garden that grows plants
The plants we scan and stuff, so we can craft apothics or whatever easier
Up to 3 plants, maybe the gardens in the dojo could grow plants to
actual Farming in Warframe, it would be funny

The plants would grow based on missions run. say you plant something, it says run 5 missions, then it will be done.

The growth of plants would be based off missions ran, rather than just time. so playing grows them.. 

i wish the Void and Derelict were revitalized to have a bit more content.
The void i had a concept for a whole library section
-The library has a new boss, 3 new enemies
a drone, guardian, and book keeper passive mobs.

-Book warframe [guy]
-Paper warframe [girl]

Every void section may spawn a library, there, are orokin lore scraps, you need 100 scraps to make a key, to fight the boss

The boss has his own library complex tileset, which is similar to the void, but 90% more library based, then normal


And the derelict had new infested oil pools + new warframe specific to the derelict
Not just nekros

-oil warframe [guy]

The oil pools are in derelict, and when enemies touch it, they absorb the pools
They shoot up to lv100, and become optional mini bosses
Then they drop blueprint parts for the oil warframe
and there would also be a primary, secondary, melee, and ephemera bp to

The oil absorbs into the infested, and they grow to be 4x their normal size, and mutate to look a bit different, with more attacks and abilities, based on what they are.




Maybe a new Numbers/Letters warframe.... scripting out runic symbols to do stuff, he draws numbers and letters with holographic pen lasers and it creates traps, buffs, or enchantments.


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17 minutes ago, (PS4)Tomplexthis said:

[maybe an increase to the standing pool caps from 127,00 to 225,000]

i would honestly like 375,000 so i can buy 3 of a clans weapons and sell them in the markets, instead of having to wait 8 days of grinding to get them.

A guy asks to buy 1, so you grab it, now he says he wants the other 2. that will be about 4-5 days per each, of grinding rep. 

it would be nicer if the pools for the 6 main syndicates had a higher cap than 127,000. it honestly would just be better in general.


or, what if the 6 syndicates actually invaded nodes? specific map/mission nodes, and they blocked them off or something.

Taking them over, and owning them, what if the 6 groups of syndicates were actually more alive, than just giving out 3 syndicate missions daily. and instead they invaded.

what do the 6 syndicates even do besides sitting in the relay, and occasionally attacking you because you didn't side with them.

Arbiters of Hexis, New Loka, Perrin Sequence, Cephalon Suda, Red Veil, Steel Meridian.

They really should do more in warframe then just be tiny shops that hand out some augments and weapons. 

Each should have its own unique warframe, and unique missions, and interact with their opposing factions in some way.

What if they fought against each other, in invasions, and we had to pick a side. 

Invasions usually have Grineer vs corpus, or vs infested.

But now what if we had 3 new invasion battles

New Loka vs Arbiters of Hexis [Detonite Injector]+Rep+Medallions

Red Veil vs Steel Meridian [Mutagen Mass]+Rep+Medallions

Perrin Sequence vs Cephalon Suda [Fieldron]+Rep+Medallions

You pick your side, and in the fight, there would be medallions from your team to get. and keep. [the medallions rewarded are rng like usual]

do 3 missions and you get rep for your chosen team, and another reward or something. 

---Syndicate Wars? --

What if all nodes, all missions of the star chart, were actually being fought over by all the 6 syndicates.

Being in that syndicate, if they owned that node, would grant a 10% loot drop and affinity bonus to you. no negative effect though.

Syndicate wars would be a PVE/PVP mix thing, where players actually influence the the nodes.

Since syndicates are player based factions, now people would fight for control over nodes.

players themselves influence the battle, by percentages and such. until one side wins, the battles are daily.

And the victor of the node gets that bonus for 3 days. the battles/invasions take place every 3 days.

and each battle group 

New Loka vs Arbiters of Hexis [Detonite Injector]+Rep+Medallions

Red Veil vs Steel Meridian [Mutagen Mass]+Rep+Medallions

Perrin Sequence vs Cephalon Suda [Fieldron]+Rep+Medallions

Fights for control over 1-3 nodes each. spread across the entire starchart.

In the end, your winning group will get that 10% bonus, on that node for 3 days, until the next Syndicate War rotation.

And this would be a continuous ongoing PVE/PVP type thing.

Players do not fight each other, but rather complete the 3 missions, to influence the % ownage of that node. 

So we pve the missions, to pvp the % balance, to win the node for our syndicate team.


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