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New Mods Like Parry


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i now played some missions with mods like  Parry , Reflection ,  Reflex Guard ... 


and in my opinion ... 


in general they are waste of space for mods  at this point .   Reflection  dose to little dmg .. and  only if u are lucky 

Parry .... :/ ...who ever need that .... ??? 

so solution 

add 2 more spots for mod cards...  (total of 10) 


first two (parry & reflection)  should be in one double mod .. with V polarity 

also max stamina and stamina recharge should be in one mode 


make them Melee Mods ... 



there is something wrong with them in matter of  combination  ABC ... cause every time i have those mods and enter void survival ... crash 




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Parry is pretty fun as loki, radial disarm and start knocking things down. reflex guard, although fun, is dangerous to have on at high levels as it forces blocks and doesnt let you shoot. reflection is just bad right now, ive never seen it reflect more than 1 damage. I love the idea behind all these mods, and it makes me sad that i cant make a real bruiser/brawler build yet.

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