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Key binding can't be reconfigured


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My key binding were set as default yesterday , but today when i log on the key bindings for abilities and focus are set to [ * ] ( which is not the " * key " because it would have shown as [ Num * ]

-I can not use my abilities beside pressing the numpad alternatives

-Pressing defaults does not do anything 

-My top row 123 numeric keys are functional


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3 hours ago, Synnol said:

key binding

Something you could try would be going to your Warframe Appdata folder
[put %localappdata% in the address bar / the Run command box, then open the Warframe folder]
and in there, AFTER MAKING A BACKUP, deleting the EE.cfg file, that seems to hold your control config,
and I guess there might be something wrong with yours (or it's something completely different, lol dunno).

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16 hours ago, [DE]Tweep said:

If you could please contact support at support.warframe.com,
someone should be able to assist you. 

Thank you , I have now solved the issue , my language input method editor software was interfering with the game. 

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