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Atlas Rework Idea


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Hi, this is my first time doing this but I thought that since Atlas got skipped from priming, the reason might be that Atlas is still not used enough to warrant being primed. So with that I thought I could come up with a rework idea and see what everyone thinks of it.


The idea for this rework is to just turn all of Atlas's abilities into melee attacks. His '1' does 3 attacks from each consecutive press of a button. What if we spread them out amongst '1', '2' and '3' and make it so that the variation of the combination between the 3 buttons give you a different combo effect and '4' would be an ending attack that would change depending on the variation.

Allow me to abbreviate.


Rubble - All deaths dealt by Atlas by ability or melee causes enemies to crumble into rubble which can then be picked up by Atlas for a small health boost and armor increase. Will also allow the use of Atlas's ultimate ability and activate Atlas's other passive.

Immovable - Cannot be knocked down or stunned while standing on the ground. Will not work when there is no rubble stockpile. Rubble counter goes down a bit when blocking stun or knockdown effect.



1: Straight - Single enemy attack with strongest and farthest chase down of all the moves.

2: Hook - Cone-area attack. With best area coverage attack.

3: Uppercut - Single enemy attack with highest damage. Also causes stun effect.

4: Finisher - Has different effects when used at the end of the various punch combos. Will only activate if enough rubble has been collected. If used without combo variation, will expend rubble to summon forth 2 golems to fight alongside Atlas.


Combo Variation and Ultimate

1 -> 2 -> 3Chaser Punch Combo - Punch combo with increased movement before each attack to help chase down enemies. Combo increases damage and range moderately.

Finisher Type: Gorgon Fist - Atlas punches in one straight line (Imagine Samurai Shodown 2019 Instant Kill finisher), passing through all enemies. All enemies who come in contact with Atlas takes heavy damage and turns to stone for a duration. If enemies that have turned to stone are dead or killed later they explodes at the end of the duration damaging nearby enemies. Enemies killed from the explosion will not drop rubble.


2 -> 3 -> 1: Wave Punch Combo - Punch combo that does damage in a cone AoE. Combo increase range greatly and damage a little. Main target is knocked down at the end of the combo.

Finisher Type: Rock Slide Body Splash - Atlas jumps into the air and performs a body splash on the target enemy causing the ground to form a wave hitting other enemies in a radius. Target of body splash takes massive damage. All surrounding enemies within AoE take heavy damage and get Knocked Down. Target and enemies close to the center of impact will turn to rubble.


3 -> 1 -> 2: Finisher Punch Combo - Punch combo that sacrifices range to do more damage to a single target. Combo increases damage greatly but will not affect other enemies. Combo will also cause target to spin around, showing their back to Atlas.

Finisher Type: Dirt Nap Suplex - Atlas does an ability-specific finisher animation. Only affects one enemy but attack is fatal. Does massive damage to enemy in very close melee range. This ultimate will have no effect on enemies that are immune to finishers or stealth attacks. Enemies who die from the small AoE will not turn to rubble but target of finisher will drop 5x more rubble than usual.


3 -> 2 -> 1: Destroyer Punch Combo - Punch combo with an explosive payoff. Combo does not increase damage or range but...

Finisher Type: Armor Fissure - Atlas expends all his stockpiled rubble and explodes, flinging rocks in a large radius. Rubble counter drops to 0. Amount of rubble stockpiled affects the amount of damage done to enemies. Enemies killed by this attack will not turn to rubble. High risk attack as Atlas will have no armor at the end of the attack due to having no rubble stockpile.



Here is what I think the augments can do without changing the names.

Path of Statues (Chaser Punch Combo and Gorgon Fist) - Atlas will leave a trail for a duration that will turn anyone to stone.

Tectonic Fracture (Wave Punch Combo and Rock Slide Body Splash) - Area affected by this ability becomes difficult for enemies to traverse for a duration. All enemies who step into range becomes slowed.

Ore Gaze (Finisher Punch Combo and Dirt Nap Suplex) - Enemies killed by this ability will always drop health orbs and have a chance to drop energy orbs.

Titanic Rumbler (Finisher with no combo and Armor Fissure) - Only one Golem is summoned but with 300% more Health and Damage. Also upon using Armor Fissure the Golem will Self-Destruct along with your usage of Armor Fissure and has the same damage and range as Atlas's Armor Fissure.


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