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change email but i need verification code??


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You get a code to your current email adress to somewhat verify that you are the owner of both email accounts.
If this wasn't in place, and someone got access to your account, they could easily change the email to their own logging you out of your own account...

If you have issues changing your email then write to support. The link is at the bottom of each page.

Btw. how is this feedback? What feedback did you give? Did you even read where you posted this topic?

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my email hasn't been changed by someone hijacked my acc it's still my old email but when i press change email i get a verification thing.

how i know i have not been hijack is because today i was gone log into my warframe acc on a different pc and got sent a 4 or 5 digit code 

but now i don't get any codes in my email about it 

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