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The Crimson Nyx (REDONE)


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Yep... I decided after a good long while of not doing concepts again to come back and do, what may be my last one. For real.


Now, might as well get a few things out of the way for you all to know...


1: I am not gonna try to work on this any further so don't try to give any advice (unless it turns out anyone is actually interested in making this into an actual tennogen skin or something.) If not... I have no point in doing anything else with this concept.

2: Yes, she's a lot bigger than your average Nyx and proportions are a bit wonky, I am not gonna try to correct that. (For the same reasons as 1.)

3: Yes, this is a concept I've tried multiple times before already. With this probably actually being the 3rd time compared to a previous concept for Tennogen, the Steel Valkyr. (Which clearly no-one was interested in taking on my ideas at the time so that was left to rot.)

4: I am only trying again thanks to a bit of convincing by someone that's been really nice. I wouldn't be here doing this... if it wasn't for them. This is all just giving my fan concepts one last chance.


Now, as you can tell I am putting this up so people can potentially use it for their own Tennogen skins. I don't care if anyone does it exactly the same as in the image (which you probably don't want to, at all) or rename the thing to something else if they do recreate it... etc etc etc. I don't really mind at all, hence why I didn't even bother to make her body fit to an actual nyx. (That and that part is way too difficult and I'm already causing myself enough pain as is.) So... if anyone here is interested in using this in a tennogen skin because they need new ideas... here you go.


Just, do whatever you can to make it work for tennogen if you're interested. If not.. I don't mind one bit, you can completely ignore this... you don't have to do anything with it. This is just here for anyone who may be interested...


(Though knowing this place no-one ever will be. Ever.)

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