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RNG Paradigm (2019)


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RNG, by nature, is either in favour or not in favour (for us) by which the system is based on luck despite having its % on probability and/or chance rate.

On rare item/loot drop, does D.E. ever bother to the point if that player(s) won't ever acquire such item due to a "Jynx System (if term is acceptable)"? Its not like they have to do a one by one check if you're lucky or not, but does survey the count of people acquiring that specific item (esp. those popular rare and hard to get ones (rarest mods, ephemeras, WF parts, etc.)); not by current acquisition, but by loot drop count - to scale the drop chance(s) (%) or probability rate(s) (%) since the beginning of the game if those rates are still appropriate for the gameplay and if it has something to do with the impact of players' negative impression regardless of age and personality towards other features of the game, as by far observed, "we seek rewards through your challenges" - since we are dealing with RNG.

Someone would suggest "just buy and use Resource Boost to get a better chance!" or "if you really want that item, just go trading!", but someone would prefer a grind/farm for fun...

There are some case(s) that a player that doesn't like it but acquires the most out of it and when it comes for someone whose looking for it, it never comes... *sad*

For a notable question, would D.E. ever reshape the drop chance rate of those rare items that make player(s) feel impossible to acquire?

Sorry for not being really observant on some updates or significant thread(s) which already established (for the past 3 months, years, etc.), if there was. ^^

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