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Coming Soon: Devstream #130!

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Okay, this is going to be the first in - hopefully - a series of many posts.

Questions, that should be put in, please feel free to message me. ^-^

Link to the doc is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VSdB3nu75g3hNNXOnRiRP2nvD2zJpw_TutK_4lrXuXk/edit?usp=sharing


Devstream question-sheet


This sheet will be periodically updated and posted under every devstream forum-post.

I skim through the devstream post and mark down recurring questions to put in here as well as my own sometimes.


have fun reading ~ DasPohl

date: 08/15/19 // Before Devstream 130




1 - Melee 3.0: Are there any plans that are going to be revealed?

2 - 3rd Orb mother fight: Many people still want to know, what how when where and why this black and orange Behemoth is cooling off near spaceport; Any intel on anything?

3 - Stasis rework / Kavat & Kubrow breeds: Many people also are tired of only having their pets “stasis...ized” and would also like to know, if there are any news on new breeds, the system change and new features, maybe even a helminth companion for our kittehs..?

4 - Cross save / Cross.. anything: A topic that also speaks to me personally: Being able to game on a PC is great - No doubt about that. But what would be even cooler, is the ability to feed your addiction everywhere respectively; especially with a Switch at hand.
Is this even a possibility anymore or is this concept scraped off of our imaginary Steve-whiteboards?

5 - Operator K-driving: A heckin’ lot of dudes want to be able to drive their void people on their deck, check? Give them some info, yeah?
Check, check!

6 - Warframe mobile app rework: A trusty, yet pretty outdated companion-app sits in the back of almost every true Warframe-fan. People - including myself - really would like to have more functionality in it again - having an eye over their Nightwave-progress, being able to collect daily login rewards, access to the market and better comearounds in segments like the foundry or the arsenal; just to name a few.




I - Orokin decorations: I am a huge fan of decorations, especially everything orokin related. My orbiter basically has more moving ayatan than its ability to fly. 😄


Can we (I) get more stuff like ayatan or the golden tea-set (which I didn’t get hooray.. -.-) to plaster our orbiters?

II - Dojo rework - more than just a tech grind?: This is a topic that I also could’ve put up with the community, cause there a also a lot of people that want something like that: A rework of the dojo concept.
As the dojo systems stands now, it is mostly a big, pretty fleshed out concept… for acquiring weapon blueprints and maybe to trade some stuff. - Yeah, some people like to build and I Would gladly also do that but there isn’t really a motivation to do so. (not accounting for empyrean) 

So, my question is: Is it possible to revive this actually ok concept to something great after Empyrean? Maybe like upgrading rooms to get access to other stuff or having to do something with our old buddies the solar rails,.. anything, please..

III - Codex refitting: I love lore and also being able to read up on something without needing to look for a wiki or dataminers or something. The codex-system is perfect for something like that and it already showed it with the kuria and the prime frame-descriptions. 

BUT recently the codex has gotten a little bit dry in regards to.. content; Many objects are simply not in a specific category of plainly not even there, even when I know, it got scanned for the bajillionth time.

So, please pack out your dusters and sweep this little nook of our orbiter and make it pretty, okay?

IV - UI reskins /reworks: Speaking of the codex; UI. We already got a reskin for the relic console (thank god but still a little buggy, like having to every time choose the normal relic to keep on refining; please change that DE.) the market console, the syndicate console (great job on that btw.) and our arsenal colors with a new loadout sorting system.

But still there are systems to be reskined and reworked, right?

We still have the codex of course, the conclave console, the starchart, (that would just be bonkers.) NPC-talkboxes, (?) the modding-station, (including the ayatan section.) the foundry, the arsenal, the transference link and probably a few more that I forgot.

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Can you please allow players to use the skin of the default Regulators on Mesa Prime instead of using the model for Regulators Prime? Also, are there any plans to allow the choice of regular version skins on Prime weapons?


Can we get the ability to tie operator arcanes to specific loadouts? The desired arcanes frequently switch depending on the equipped frame.


For Riven mods, have you considered standardizing number values for each stat type and scaling it with Riven disposition? This should significantly reduce overhead for storage of Riven mod data if only the stat combinations need to be stored rather than stats and numerical values. It makes no sense for for 2 Rivens with the same stats for the same weapons to have slightly different numbers.

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1. Will there be any quests focused on steel meridian and Arbiters of Hexis? we had quests already for New Loka, Cephalon Suda, Red Veil, and the Glast gambit but i noticed the other two syndicates never got quests.

2. When will the shawzin become playable?

3. Will syndicates ever go through some updates or changes? They feel a little outdated and seem in need of some love and attention.

4. (lore related question) Were there any Tenno that continued to serve the Orokin after their Tenno brethren betrayed the empire? 

5. With the new War quest coming soon, will Ordis drop the whole fake lotus and he take over the role of acting as director of missions?

6.Will we ever see more quests involving syndicates and such? Maybe a quest where syndicates actively combat each other and players have to pick a side?

7.Will the players be able to make choices in the new war that will have major affects on the game after the completion of the quest?

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5 minutes ago, TheDandyLion said:

Can you please allow players to use the skin of the default Regulators on Mesa Prime instead of using the model for Regulators Prime? Also, are there any plans to allow the choice of regular version skins on Prime weapons?

~This...MY GAWDS, "THIS"... right here! ^ Otherwise, I am lovin' Mesa Prime. 


Onto other questions;
1) The kit-Archwings; WHERE will they be unlocked / available?  Space-dock for our railjacks?  Or another relay-room?
2) Gauss & Grendel.  Repeating question of when (c)?
3) Unlike most of the complainers on the forums, I am LOVING the rework of melee so far *four thumbs up*.  I just had to re-train my muscle memory and know when to cut my combos *shrug*.  No biggie.  I am concerned about how you have the closer-combos with Wu-Kong though, as an indicator of things to come.  I would hold back on M 3.0 and polish the flow a bit more: as it stands, the combos feel jerky and halting...not natural at all for our monkey-king.
4) Can we get a list of what sort of B.F.G.'s we are getting for our Sigma-Class Railjacks?  Any "Undulation Cannons" (anime fans who have dealt with bad subs, know this one) or "Mortis Flower" arrays?  C'mon!  Give us poor desperate Tenno in the wings champin' at the bit SOMETHING until the release.
5) Last question, and this is technical. I'm running an AMD R7 250 card (2GB), 16 gigs of system RAM and a 6-core processor.  When the inevitable 'rework' engine comes down the pipe with Emperyean; am I going to be forced to upgrade to run the game at any level of decent appearance?

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Are there any plans for an honor system, so we can recognize and reward fellow team members for their effort in missions. Right now support/utility frames are feeling underappreciated, since the current end-mission stat readout focused only on those killing and avoiding enemies.

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1. With the ability to combine two energy colors could this be applied to the older armor sets sold by Baro Ki'Teer )EOS Prime mainly)

2. Will there ever be Operator suit tennogen?

3. With the countless amount of mods available and much smaller amount of viable mods being used do you think we could get an expanded mod system that allows for more than 8 mods + Aura/Exilus in a similar fashion to some MMORPG's to get more diverse and personalized builds.

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Will the Railjack be totally locked behind building the Clan Dry Dock, or will we be able to get a basic Railjack as soon as the Empyrean update drops and just have to wait for the Dry Dock to be built in order to begin upgrading and customizing our Railjack?

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Is there any way we can get interactive furnature in the orbiter?  like the sofa being able to be sat on. Also not just the orbiter but all non combat area's including the dojo, relays and fortuna/cetus having furnature and other things to sit on or interact with.

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Will you have a toggle for changing "Quick melee" mode like 2.0 and "Full melee" mode of 2.99?
Another thing worth to notice is keeping scanner. There was a short time we can still use scanner after using melee weapon. Now it change to primary/secondary weapon everytime we use a melee weapon. So we have to reequip the scanner and that's a pain. Could you fix it?
This problem has been report several times as the link below:


Another thing is Scanning with new melee still has not been fixed yet, as reported several time:
There was a small time we can still scan after using full melee but now it switch to primary/secondary weapon, even when we go in/out operator mode. Please fix it DE for the better game experience.


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1. Plains and Orb both came with a slew of new resources, but because their economies are somewhat self contained (they utilize their own exclusive resources as opposed to already existing ones), their viability as an option to advance core game progress is disputable (a good portion of existing gear uses starchart resources to craft, which these expansions do not reward as much, if at all). What can we expect from Empyrean in the way of economy integration? 

2. How will railjack interact with existing star chart nodes? Will planets receive specific rail jack nodes or will we be able to fly to each one in the ship? Right now the demos showcase sort of miniature versions of normal missions when your board ruins or ships. Will we get a rework to the old "drop down from the vents" missions?

3. The new lighting tech is pure eye candy. Can we see more of it pretty please? 

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Is it possible to add locks on items to avoid accidental selling? Most people have prime weapon parts or weapons they've poured their heart and soul into and would be devastated if they accidentally sold them. 

Will there be fix for the hang up in the arsenal when selecting frames? (Ie garuda locks up the game for 2 or more seconds) 

Really proud of how far this game has come, you've all done great work -both DE and the community- 

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1] Is there any development on the infested room? When you'll introduced it at the end of 2017, there was hype on what plans are in store for it,  but now, it's a room that is left at the side lines.Do you'll have any plans, quest and lore in store for it?

2] In future, is it possible to mod our operators? Since our warframes,weapons, sentinels,amps  and pets can be modded, why not our operators?

3] Bring some cool mini-bosses to the plains cause the plains is extremely boring at day-time and also add more animals that we can catch.

4] When is RAILJACK coming to pc?

5] Are there any possible plans on introducing treasure hunts?

6] Any news on raids?

7] Replaying old nightwave series? cause we didnt have enough time to complete it due to a busy work schedule

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I have a few questions.

1: How did you like the GioGio Baruuk cosplay vid I made?

2: When can we expect those Dark Sector weapon skins you showed like, a year or two ago?
Very much would like that normal looking double-barreled shotgun skin.

3: When will Zaw and Kitguns be able to use skins?

4: When will we be able to color our helmet separately from our body?
You said you'd add it if it meant more TennoGen sales.
There are skins I already own I don't use because they don't color well with other helmets I want to use them with,
and a few I don't that I won't buy till I can because the same reason.

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1) There are a few things, that are useless, such as Solar rail spectres, that are still in the dojo research even though I've heard Solar rail wars were discontinued. Will you go around to removing these at some point?

2) Could you please add a "toggle" to The Man in The Wall's future appearances (after the scripted ones) as it leaves some people paranoid to go on their ship. Make the toggle an object, such as the Donda and make it completely stop him from appearing. People who like his visits can choose not to place the object in their orbiter.

3) What is your reaction to Warframe being compared to Destiny 2?

4) Will the game support crossplatform in the future?

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Hi, Digital Extremes has always tried their best to incorporate lore and gameplay mechanics. I heard awhile ago that more Umbral Warframes were planned and will not likely receive quest chains like The Sacrifice. As far as I know, Lore-wise, Excalibur Umbra was a unique case. My question is: How do you see lore being handled in the future of Warframe? Will we  start to see a divergence between lore and gameplay or is the union between the two integral to Warframe's (and by extension, DE's) identity?

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The New War, Empyrean, The Diruvi Paradox

----its been implied these items will come out either extremely close in release dates or in some case together at the same time, will The New War come out with Empyrean and/or The Diruvi Paradox or are these three distinct individual updates? Will Stalker mode be released with one of these updates, or is that seperate as well?

---back in febuary stalker mode was said to get launched within febuary, has stalker mode been removed from the table?

---we are getting a new planet/tileset. i am really excited for it, but will we be getting an open world, city, and relay with the tileset? if no, why do all the hard work to recreate/create a tileset not to have an open world and city be a node on it? wouldn't placing open worlds when you have to redo the tileset anyways make it easier to check off the list as time progresses?

---with Empyrean will we be getting the incubator changes with empyrean since the orbiter is being redone? additionally, can we expect to see an update to air suport charges? the turret on the xiphos seems to have the most utility, all charges are limmited in frequency of use being once every five minutes, despite having hundreds in the gear wheel, mantis is a health drop drowned out by the quick utility of health pads, the scimitar orbital strike takes forever to actually drop, by which point the target(s) have moved, and spy missions run quick, so lisets alarm disruption 9seconds isnt all that effective since enemies drop on the player faster than rain when alarms are activated, that the delay seems pointless. 

---Currently there are few arch wing nodes in the orgin systm and many dedicated to just the warframe and both have the same leveling system where archwings get a fraction of all affinity. this makes new players feel ill prepared for the next arch wing mission as there arent many mission to level the archwing, will we see more nodes dedicated to archwings so that the leveling of arch wings feels more natural with the empyrean update?

---will we get a battle against "The Man In The Wall" in The New War?

---will Tau be released with an open world, city and relay?

--- will director dan be redoing all the cinematics for the early quests from the game? currently they are very dry compared to the quests we have like the second dream quest.

--- will we get new kavat breeds with the new update Empyrean?

Fortuna Update

---when are we getting the third orb mother fight?

---will we get value added to the profit takers drop tables? its currently the harder of the two mother orbs with no bonus for focus for the tenno on defeat, and the crimson toroid doesnt add as much as the lazurite toroid in standing.

--- will we get the ability to dive in the water of open worlds as we have on other planets and thier tilesets, or dive in the coolant?

--- will we be getting land vehicles like tanks in open world maps for the "battle of endor"-like squad link with the release of empyrean?


--- we are updating the relays which i like, will there be additional markets made so players can cash credits in for resource found on the planet the relay exists on?

--- will we get the disruption game type on other planets?


--- will solar rails, in the oroking lab that is currently in armistice, be made avaliable in empyrean, or will it be replaced by something ellse with the release of Empyrean?

---will we get a changable loki statue in the temple of honor with the changes coming to the dojo with the empyrean update?


--- will we get primed modular varient blueprints for prime modular weapons? ie) primed catchmoon, primed splat, with prime haymaker to create a prime modular weapon? maybe primed modular bp obtained through the current relic system?

--- i like the forma variation we have been getting, like umbra forma, arura forma, will we get an arcane forma (usable once to gain 1 arcane slot on any loadout weapon, warframe?

---  will we get new syndicate mods for weapon? ie) +1 truth for modular weapons

--- will we get new syndicate weapon varients?

--- will we get any new prime archwings, arch guns, arch melee weapons?

---in the new war update will we get new wraith, vandal, and prisma weapon varients? is Arca Plasmor vandal on the list?

---when can we expect to see the shawzin playable in mission? and will we be able to play the shawzin in the dojo, relays, cities and open worlds alike?

--- do we need to own its decore to equip the shawzin to our gear wheel?

--- will we see a return of the paracesis 8m aoe ragdoll effect, it was my favorite feature of the weapon.


---will we get a slot dedicated to augments?

---will there be updates to augments? currently, several augments have benefits only to allies and no benefits to the player equipping the mod making these mods obsolete in comparison to the newer mods released. ie) rift haven only heals allies, ever lasting ward only grants buff to allies, freeze force only cold buffs allies

---Director dan in the tennocon 2019 dev stream stated, reffering to mag, "is that her second ability. no. wait! is mag going to be able to do that? yes" when can we expect to see mag's rework?

--- any plans for older warframes to get augments mods? ie) limbo most used warframe in the game has 3 auments

---will loki get a rework? he currently lacks synegies many warframes of his type have better varients of, or smash his abilities in comparison. ie) loki's decoy only uses a lex prime as a base weapon to use and stands still, lokis decoy duration is bassed on ability strength and duration, both are counteract the range needed for the second and the forth. making it really only possible to build for one of his abilities and would still cause it to loose out on another ability. considered a stealth frame, yet has the second lowest invisibility duration and is non recastable mid ability unlike many other warframes of his type.


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