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Coming Soon: Devstream #130!

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Hello there. I just wanted to say that most of you came up with very interesting questions. Hopefully DE will acknowledge most of them. Anyways, these are mine. 


  • Since The Wolf of Saturn was connected with the Gas City rework, will The Emissary be used as a bridge to a new update (like the Corpus Ship rework)?


  • Speaking of Nightwave, after Wolf, you released Intermission while you were working on Series 2. In the future, shall we expect Intermissions in-between Acts or is the next Act going to be released immediately after Emissary?


  • Will Dan Trachtenberg's Cinematic Intro masterpiece be included in game?


  • I know you guys don't want to commit to any sort of release date, but the graphic updates (such as the Orbiter rework) are going to be released before, after or around Empyrean?


  • Are there any plans to change the profile page design? Or at least, to let us change the background?


  • Are you planning to add more ship models for Empyrean? The current one is wonderful bit the Jar Jar thing is a little distracting.


  • With the release of Empyrean, the "Dark Sector" easter egg at Tennocon demostration and the clans involvement, do you plan to end the armistice or to bring back the Solar Rail Conflict?



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I only have one burning question. At the moment and it revolves around thebbestbend game challenge imo in the game right now. 

Arbitration is encouraging me to min max every frame and weapon in the game currently to maximise my chance of being the most powerful player I can be. 

The problem.with this is I am currently carrying 90 rivens and I use every one of them as and when the weapons come up in Arbitration. 

Please please, please, give us some info on more riven slots. 

I remember reading that the goal was to ultimately have enough driven slots for every weapon in the game if we so desired but there has been no increase in the max for years now.  

Is this something that's being looked at, or might be implemented at any time soon?

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Are you going to ever give us something to replace the Kavat DNA alerts we used to get? We haven't been given anything DNA-wise since you put the Nightwave system in place. I kept hoping you'd put DNA in the cred store or something. Some of us actually do like to raise critters, and scanning for DNA is a crappy way to get it. I get precious few or none every time I do a derelict run to get them. (Raising the drop rate when scanning would also be SUPER welcome.) 

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Here is a Question - How is the progress about Third Orb Mother bossfight?


And another question about Flydolon - will it's version with big meat piece instead of head will be added as new Eidolon on PoE or it is completely scrapped?

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Got a few questions:

1. Do you have any plans on expanding Syndicates role further? Other than 1 time quest givers in relay they serve as providers of augments, weapons and cosmetics. Anything planned for Empyrean crew maybe? Syndicate operatives Specters? Real conflicts to side with them, like grineer vs. corpus invasions (but with medalions as reward)?

2. Further rework of Melee status? Just tell us you're working on, it if not showing something good to keep us anticipated. Melee 2.9 granted something good at cost of losing something good.

3. Do you have plans on reworking/bringing back Dark Sectors 2.0 (2015) with custom maps and leveling system? It was fun and progress within 5-10 minutes mission felt differently. Maybe new mode for Conclave?

4. Mods (2014) revisited? Slash/Puncture/Impact common/uncommon mods play no role, even for new players, because of low bonus and high capacity. D polarity status mods have no viability, even though status in rivens can be very high.

5. Any plans to implement Utility/Exilus slot for primary/secondary weapon? Some might use extra slot for reduced recoil or reload speed, and it would be nice to have even more decent gun at cost of couple extra formas and tight fit.

6. (Not a question) Nightwave Season 2 is not so tedious, thank you for that.

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1. Will the next phase of melee 3.0 come out soon?

2. Will we have the option to keep our operators grown up outside of Plains of Duviri? (Please say yes)

3.Any plans to let us keep baby pets around the ship at all times without locking ourselves from using companions?

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1) In melee combat,will there be an option to manually block attacks with weapons like before melee 2.99 or atleast a setting in the options menu that allows us to toggle blocking and switch between manual and automatic blocking?

2) Will you change those emissary targets from spawning which grant standing when killed from appearing while doing focus farming mission.I mean we kill enemies with 500% stealth multiplier and convergence orb bonus,only for those guys to appear and make us lose the stealth multiplier and thus focus points.

3) The boosters are always active after purchase even when not playing the game.If I purchase a 3 day booster,the timer always runs on even when we go to sleep or rest.so let’s say we sleep for 8 hrs a day,then that’s 1 day of booster time that we are losing when not playing.So my question is will  you change the current booster system such that booster time will be only running while we are playing the game and it should be on hold when we are not playing so not to waste the booster time.You can put a restriction like only maximum 30 days of booster time is allowed and after you hit that you can’t buy any more booster of that type until it completely expires.

4) Will you change the trading restrictions in such a way that the MR requirement of the frame/weapon is applied only when you want to use it and not on the trade itself?In current system,a player cannot buy a  Prime weapon/warframe if his MR doesn’t match the MR requirements of the weapon/frame.So what I suggest is that a buyer can get  a Tigris prime for example free of MR restrictions via trading but when the he tries to use it,he won’t be able to if his MR is not meeting the MR requirements of the weapon.Also it would be nice if we trade non prime weapon and frame bps with each other.

4) Speaking of night wave,will you remove the silver grove challenge from night wave?Look everyone is not keen on doing that whole quest grind every time it appears on night wave.We don’t want to do a challenge that is a repeat of a quest and nothing more.Instead replace it with some other challenge.

5) Focus - Will a feature be added to the Focus that allows use of 2 focus schools instead 1 focus school.Like 1 primary school and one secondary school.Thus we can use all the active abilities of those schools in the field.Example Madurai - Primary and Zenurik - Secondary in eidolon hunts.Also will you add a general focus XP’s pool which allows to allocate focus XP’s to a school of our choosing as well as a Eidolon lens of varying tiers that is universal in nature instead of separate lens for each school?Is the Daily focus cap gonna be increased or removed entirely so as to avoid player burnout which happens in the name of the most efficient focus farming method - doing triple or quadruple eidolon capture marathon for days just to bypass the daily cap?Also is the focus experience boosted for focus farming?Lastly will there ever be a focus 3.0  in the future at all?

6) Will an augment slot for warframes and weapons be added into the game in the future?

7) Will the forma be ever be reusable instead of a one rime only bp? Will the sentinels be brought on par with kubrows and karats as people use the latter more than former as the latter is superior to the former in every way and makes the sentinels moot apart from a few sentinels who are exceptions to this?


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Daikyu Prime?

Space ship dock cost?

Does the rail jack need to be built, is it given to us?

Will melee be further updated any time soon? Or at least touched up, some of the melee attacks seem to not work properly such as attacks making you move through enemies while other movement attacks are blocked by enemies.

Will the operator ever get more than just the amp for a weapon? Void energy melee weapon?

If Gauss is in a party with volt and wisp while having rush, armored agility, amalgam serration, and speed drift equipped; will he time travel?


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When will be given the option to remove lenses from warframes and weapons and not just replace them with another lens as it can be frustrating for players who have put lenses on weapons and frames they cannot acquire by normal means such as login reward weapons or excalibur umbra?

To use the modular archwings do all the other archwings need to be researched and built and will this mean we can customize our modular archwings abilities?

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Thought of another question
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When will we see the Vauban rework and will he be an actual engineer who builds stuff (turret, dispenzer, foritifications) rather than a granadier who throws balls around. Also what about our lootframes, are there going to be any changes to that?

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17 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Devstream130_1080p.jpgCOMING SOON: Devstream #130!

Who:  Rebecca is joined by (most) of the usual crew!

What: We’re going to go over Warframe past, present, and future! What was happening at DE 7 years ago today? What’s happening at DE now? And what’s happening at DE months from now? From a sneak peek at Grendel to Railjack talk, don’t miss out!

Prizes? Oh yes! We have plenty of Digital Prizes to give out.

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe

Twitch Drop: Tune in to find out what you can snag for watching our Devstream!

When: Join us this Friday, August 16th at 2 p.m ET!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m EDT on Friday, August 16th at 2 p.m ET!

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!


Who is joe

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besides the new loadout screen, which is a great change to mention, the weapon list gets longer and longer and all we can filter by is text. can we hope to see some changes to the weapon list picker in the arsenal? i thought about something like "sort by category" or even better: displaying weapon type in the preview.

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1. It wasn't really clear the other week, but will Empyrean let us build more than 100 rooms in our dojo? (You said you might increase dojo capacity, but that doesn't affect the room limits.)

2. I am remembering correctly, and we will be getting a new/updated lighting system with Empyrean, right?

3. Will the new lighting fix the character shadow glitches in the dojo when you have lots of decorations? (Having shadows flickinging in and out of a room you've made is really annoying.)

4. With the new lighting, will we finally be able to put dynamic light sources as decorations? (Come on, let us actually have lanterns that actually light up the surroundings!)

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How about revisiting old unused mods like 


It could be used in some builds instead of 60/60 mods if it was +120%, not +15% and not be OP at all.


Same with physical damage mods. May be it was good many years ago, I don't know, but today they need some good improvements.


There are plenty of mods like these, abandoned by both players and DE.


And also Mailing Strike could be better and more useful if it worked as Argon Scope (slide/slam/charge attack kill gives a X seconds buff to critrate) so it would be used not just for mindless macross spinning but make a melee combat more diverse.


Etc. There are a lot of mods that are either unused or abused.

And as someone posted earlier - tune some corrupted mods, like Critical Deceleration - they give much less than they take and even if they had no negative they wouldn't deserve a slot. If Critical deceleration gave a flat +crit chance bonus - it would be viable with the numbers as is.

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15 hours ago, Miser_able said:

With railjack being attached to clans, what would happen if you were to leave or be kicked out of your clan? What effects would changing clans have on your railjack? 

Since they said every player will have an individual Railjack, I assume upgrades and such are tied to your account and not the clan. Would love a clarification on this though.

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Hi guys, I am sure you are sick of this question but I have two accounts a Xbox and pc. I am never on the pc. My laptop is broken and has been for sometime now. You can check my account and see that it’s been a very long time since it’s been accessed. I have plat that I purchased there I would like it. Have you guys decided to let those that need to combine accounts do so? I don’t need my PC acct at all. I only play on Xbox. Please at least consider it. A dojo question do you ever just feature just one or two rooms in dojo’s? I am alone and worked hard on one room. Just asking.  Thanks for all you do. I would literally be lost without my Warframe. 

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