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Coming Soon: Devstream #130!

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Now that Particle's have been updated for quite some time, can Mirage go back to "firing on all 4 cylinders" with particle based weaponry? While the damage may be the same, the area of effect for particle weapons is half that of hit-scan weapons.


A good example is the Supra vs the Gorgon. The Supra deals more damage, but has less of a chance at hitting targets. The opposite is true for the Gorgon, with it dealing less damage, but it has a greater chance at hitting targets. All simply due to only 2 clones firing particle based weaponry, which was only changed because, at the time, large amount of particles were causing problems for many players.

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Most of my questions pertain to operator customization:

1. Now that they have become more common with more choices available, are there any plans to open Tennogen up to the creation of Ephemeras?

2. Though I know Duviri Paradox is incredibly far away, do you have any ideas for how the age up of operators will affect our customization of their facial features? Are you considering opening up customization to our operator's physiques/body types?

3. Are there any plans to allow use of owned color palettes for operator skin tones, or at least adding more colors as options?

4. Are there plans to make a cleaner face blending ui? It's hard to tell what faces you are blending together in the select screen.

5. Plans to add more interactable shop on cetus? There are a lot of NPCs with shops set up that aren't currently in use.

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Shouldn't you guys improve clans some more before you release Empyrean?

To elaborate on the clan alert\invasion idea more-which I consider being the more important:


-High ranking members of the clan can mark down an endless mission alert on any planet-Clan members can run these alerts for heightened resources drop chances and quantity

-A % of resources earned is added automatically to the clan vault

- This is extra resources, not a tax.

-The number of active alerts would be scaled with clan tier

Example: 1 alert for shadow clans 10 for moon clans


-Once per month or bimonthly  the high ranking members can select a planet to be invaded functioning much like a corpus/grineer/infested invasions

-The invasion would last 1 week-During a clan invasion specters carrying the clan, emblems will join the missions to aid tenno clan specters would use either random clan-tech weapons or weapons popular within the clan members

-Completing invasions gives both the squad and clan vault a payout in planet resources

-Finishing the invasion completely allows for the clan specters for the month and allows the deployment of a clan extractor also rewarding the player with a clan emblem and sigil for free lost upon leaving the clan while the clan extractor is active people can run a challenging endless mode *which decided with extractor deployment once the month concludes a payout is given to all participating clan members


The high prices for Moon clans to do anything in the dojo is a bit ridiculous. The same piece of decoration costs 100 times as much as it would for Ghost clans, which hinder creativity and experimentation. While Moon clans can theoretically collect more resources due to their higher population, that is not always the case; the clan I am a part of have many active members that contribute their resources but also contains those that don't. We are a relatively lax clan that doesn't require donations from our members (inactive members will still be removed), and there are other clans that operate the same way we do. The current system is detrimental to clans such as ours. There is also a problem with players not knowing how to add resources to the vault; I can't believe some players need to be told how.

I suggest we reduce all costs of non-clan tech stuff of all tiers to the base Ghost clan costs. Lab research prices will stay as they are. Also, someone I know made an insane suggestion that I in no way agree with: with the Dry Docks and Railjack coming out, their research price should be insanely high and universal across all clan tiers. He believes this will motivate lower-tier clans to build up. Whether this is effective or not, I leave you to decide.

Also, Clan Alerts. Clans could select a node and begin an "invasion" of sorts. Only the upper echelon would be able to do this. Once the node is secured, the invasion spreads out to more nodes until the planet is completely taken. They can select the base level of enemies on that node and have the resources earned scale according to that level. Once every node is taken, an extractor is deployed that lasts for a week. It will give rewards to everyone who participated and a large number of resources from the planet go into the vault once it expires. If the first section of this post doesn't get implemented, this could also be a viable change.

-Extra notes-

-It is not a fight between clans, it's not a competition between players unless they want to hit the clan leaderboards it is exclusively a clan activity with no interaction with other clans outside of personal recruitment

-The goal here is to allow more interaction within the clans themselves matchmaking being exclusive to those within the clan or those invited to squads hopefully matching players with other clan members without the direct use of clan chat.

-Alongside aid for clans of moon tier resource collection for research, room construction and decorating without the constant need for reminding or permission for players to donate resources into the clan vault.

-Hopefully overall making players less likely to just join a clan solely to access clan tech, but to join the clan community itself.

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Can we expect the Coaction Drift + Power Strength bug to be fixed? Or is it maybe intentional that Growing Power doesn't scale with Coaction Drift? 


I realize that the recent Augment balance pass was only a minor look at the augments, but I'm curious to hear if there are any plans to tag the 1st abilities (IE Smite Infusion) augment into exili mods. 

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With the eventual upcomming release of Melee 3.0, will there be;

1.) A rebalancing pass on melee weapons similar to the one done for primary and secondary.

2.) A review of older Impact/Puncture/Slash and status mods to address the woefully underwhelming effect of some earlier released mods. Melee Prowess 15% status chance vs any of the 60%element 60%status mods, or Primary/shotgun/secondary mods that deal +30% I-P-S (Rupture, Disruptor, Shredder. etc)

3.)Related to #2, Will there be any alteration to how + Impact/Puncture/Slash mods are calculated to make physical damage mods worth using, since they are calculated differently then elemental damages

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I just have one question: 

So far we have had modular amps, secondaries, melee, pets, and now potentially arch-wings with what was shown at Tennocon 2019. My question is this: Will we get modular primary weapons eventually with a similar system to secondaries?

Can't wait for empyrean, hype!

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Manual melee blocking? Plz 🤓

Are there any thoughts in the future to add a system similar to how, I assume, we upgrade our railjack be implemented to the warframes?

Like the more you use a specific Warframe or you collect a certain type of resource or item or side quest geared towards that specific Warframe you can increase its status as an individual Warframe or towards its abilities separately to be able to level your abilities past lvl 1-3 then max, the stronger it becomes not so much a leveling system but a development type system.

You can put a gym in my Orbiter and I'm getting my Warframe to pump weights 🤣

Even if I had to create a whole new Warframe Max it to 30 and then feed it to my other Warframe, I'd do it 🤓 

Weapons like the paracesis made me think going past 30 would be pretty cool to do with a Warframe 🥰

As far as modding Warframe once you've maxed it that's it besides getting a completely different Warframe and starting again or refining your building differently. 

So far there is one Warframe that has three separate forms which is Excalibur.

I'm an Oberon fanboy and I would enjoy being able to develop my support abilities. Something like a corrupt/tainted form brought on by the destruction of the forests on Earth.


Also, what's up with the party system? Is there where we can have a permanent party system between a set party with Open Spaces being open to random players?

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Thought of another question 🤓
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Would it be possible to get a UI indicator for the current strength of Garuda's Blood Heart from her 1 similar to that of Saryn's Spore counter? The current system with the number floating above the heart is inconvenient.


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With the present changes to melee, have you thought about how to adjust these two mods?


As it stands, these mods are virtually unusable since blocking is instant and automatic. 

Since blocking happens so fast, electromagnetic shielding protects your teammates from single frames of damage.

And since blocking can only activate automatically, guardian derision will taunt enemies into attacking you only after you have already been attacked.

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I have a few questions as a newer player (right at 90days.)

1. Has there been any attention put towards fixing the mismatch between the colors in the menu and rendering? (For example yellow is vibrant in the menu and on weapons but is pea-green on rhino.) This makes it so the same color on a weapon completely clashes. (#Fashionframeislife)

2a. Is there any effort being put into increasing visibility during missions in regards to special effects? Many effects totally obscure your screen and more often than not are coming from teammates that you have no control over. As an example, I can't tell you how many times Hydroid tentacles have totally obscured my screen or been blinded by Arca Plasmor up close. 

2b. More than a gameplay visibility standpoint, I am more looking it from a neurological standpoint. Is it really necessary to have a constant flashing explosion from a weapon obfuscate the whole screen when used at close range? (I am picking on Arca Plasmor again, which Is fun, but try not to use because of the effects.) It is extremely taxing on the neuro system to be constantly exposed to constant, especially rapidly changing contrasts. Maybe an option for reduced alpha as effects are closer to reduce screen flash?

3. Any pet utility balancing in the near future?

4. Is there any plans to update the affinity system? Frankly, it is archaic to have to unequip a good weapon in order to get more affinity to be applied to an unlevelled one. This encourages players to handicap their teammates in order to level faster. Why not just apply affinity split evenly between all equipped items that aren't max level?

5. Is there a rework for the damage system in progress? I find the damage system to be quite cumbersome, largely because of a lack of info and consistency.

5a. Melee. Do different stances directly increase damage or is it purely a stylized difference? Likewise is there a benefit to using different combos either separately or in combination with another? There is quite a lack of information available to the player game wide. The benefits of particular combos/stances etc should be easy to ascertain without having to tab out or spending an hour reading different posts on several forums so see what data holds up vs someone talking out their rear-end.

5b. Is there any planned changes in the future for elemental modifiers? I like the "options" in the variety of elemental damages/combos and in particular I think the status system in Warframe is quite unique. In use however, I find the damage modifiers for different elemental types to be quite cumbersome, especially since they aren't consistently applied to each faction. Is there any plans to normalize elemental damage between types and make their uniqueness in the status effects. Doing this would give players a larger variety of viable builds vs pigeon-holing them to a build per each faction or event.

Thanks for a great game and an even better community!

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I used to get Twitch drops, and then suddenly it stopped working. I unlinked and relinked, went through all the FAQs and troubleshooting and nothing has fixed it. It forced me to make a Mixer account (which I loathe) to try getting drops that way and guess what? That's not working either. What is the DEAL with that?

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Hello Team DE!

Wow! Flooded with questions and comments. I have a concern about choosing relics at the end of the mission. Before I start, I want to say I really like the new interface for relics and fissures!


-When choosing a reward at the end of the fissure mission, the pop up info blocks the indicators of rarity (gold, silver, bronze). Can you make it easier to see please?


Good work making the best video game! Best regards from clan {The Spectral Sabers}

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