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Strain mod set is quite underwhelming, some suggestions to make it better


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So first of all I would like to apologize for any grammar and formating errors, english is not my first language and I'm not used to posting on forums.

I have been using the strain set since they came out (except for Consume, since it takes a Warframe mod slot) and it doesn't quite feel like it's worth it except for Strain Infection that gives a huge boost to the melee weapon, but I don't feel melee should be the focus of this set. So I would like to give some suggestions to make the set more focused on the maggots. (note that I wont add any numbers here because I don't believe I'm the best when it comes to balancing.)

Overall QoL changes: Make the Link mods on your charger increase the maggots stats.

Strain Eruption (Charger mod): Not many changes here, but I believe the maggots should leave a corrosive cloud after exploding like the torid or the infested birdies (mutalist ospreys I think?)

Strain Consume (Warframe mod): Instead of collectiong their bodies to recover hp (I never know where they are, have they been killed? are they latched on some dude over there?), it would be better to make them latch on your warframe and Helminth Charger, and apply some regeneration over time. You are removing 2 mods from your charger to make this set work, so might as well make this a worse Pack Leader when it comes to recovering your pets hp.

Strain Infection (Melee mod): Clearly the best mod of the set, so I don't know if we should add an effect or just completely change it (except that I believe Melee damage would be better than Crit damage so the weapons you can equip it are less limited). As I said before, the maggots should be this set focus, so my suggestion here it to make melee kills spawn the maggots faster, 25 seconds CD is quite high and it would be great to have a way to reduce it (this is actually my favorite suggestion and what gave me the idea to post this).

Strain fever (Charger mod): I haven't figured yet if this mod need any change, but I would make the damage increase apply to the maggots as well just to make everything synergise better.

So, what do you guys think? I have decided on this changes because having a constant flow of maggots giving support such as healing, CC and armor reduction (pretty much what they already do, but better) would make this set worth it over the other mods you would have equiped otherwise.

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I do the same thing, but I feel that using 4 mods to get an increasing buff on your melee and lose it every 25 seconds isn't that great. My suggestions are to make it better overall and fit its brood mother thematic (I mean, mine is name Shub Niggurath for Azathot's sake! lol). As it is now the only mod worth it is the melee mod.

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