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Warframes Exceeding Mod Capacity


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Currently two of my warframes are using more Mod points than their capacity allows. Both are over by 1 point.

I believe this happened by Fusing mods that were equipped to these frames to a higher level, but not being blocked from going beyond the limit of what the equipping frames were capable of. I believe the particular Mod was Focus (but it may have been Streamline).

Now if I try to Fuse either Focus or Streamline at all it does give the error that it would exceed the capacity, like it should have done before they were ranked up previously.

Upon entering the Warframe Mod equip screen, the Capacity number (60) and the bar on the upper right that shows how many points I can use before reaching the limit both flash red for a few seconds then return to normal color. Also, the bar shows I still have 6 mod points I can use before the limit (I can't actually use any more mod points without dropping back down below the limit).


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problem is: that even if you use different mods for different configurations and one of these configs do not have mod point, you can't level mods on a config that have mod point free.


in order to level given mod, you must first remove it from config, level outside in mods menu and install it back.

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I am pointing out a bug in the bug forum. Is that not what it is for?


Yes, I could just be happy with my exploitative build. Yes, I could use a Forma and relevel my frames. I could even just put in an Aura that matches the Polarity. The point is that this is unintended, and I have reported it as a bug as I should.

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