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Tyl Rygor Stuck in Downed Capture State (Titania - Uranus)


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Hi everyone,

I was playing the Tyl Rygor assassination mission for today's Sortie, and sliced Tyl Rygor's health away to trigger the second stage of his fight on the dry sea-floor surrounding the matte-metal, central platform.

 When Tyl (Lucas Sch.) states that he will pull the ocean down on us if he has to and when he is supposed to remain invulnerable to attack, I sliced the character with my heavy blade even more, locking him into a downed state like capture targets and Alad V possess when they are drained of health, but either waiting for capture or Zanuka's death, respectively.

 The second stage commenced, but Tyl remained in the downed state and was vulnerable to attack, so I sliced his health away again to trigger the third stage.

 After the third stage introduction completed, he remained in the downed state, and a few slashes later, the Sortie was completed.

 I hope this helps correct the exploit and ensures the fairness of the fight in the future.


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