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On 2019-08-14 at 12:38 PM, [DE]Megan said:

I originally thought this was just an invulnerability bug thing. Then I saw this hotfix and decided to do some testing. Turns out, Excalibur Umbra specifically still loses certain buffs (e.g. Oberon's Renewal, Wisp's Reservoir's, Physique mod bonus) when transferring to Operator. Also, while the invulnerability effect of Vazarin's Protective Dash now remains after transferring back into your warframe (thank you for that), Excalibur Umbra is still once again the only one that doesn't keep the invulnerability effect.

I'm remembering Update 24.4.0 where Magus Repair was fixed to work with Excalibur Umbra. The repeating factor in all of this, where Umbra keeps losing buffs/beneficial effects, seems to be Transference. Which brings me to ask: are all of these problems happening because of the sentience part of Umbra's passive? Even normal Excalibur is unaffected from all this just like every other warframe. While the idea is cool and the Sacrifice quest explains how he's capable of doing this, even now months after release, I still strongly believe Umbra shouldn't be independently active when you use your Operator.

I love Excalibur, and Excalibur Umbra is great, but the one thing that makes Excalibur Umbra just straight up worse than normal Excalibur, is his sentience passive. Why does the damage and procs that Umbra takes come back to me? Why am I being punished for the fault of something of which I have no control over? If we could lose the sentience in Umbra's passive, not only will it make Umbra a much more enjoyable (and safer) warframe, but I seriously believe Umbra will stop having all these Operator related problems that affect solely him.

Please for the love of god, just let Umbra be idle and invulnerable like all the other warframes.

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DE, I'm at odds on how exactly to proceed with feedback.  The last time was after Dog Days, and there's actually been no content added of any value since that time.  


So it's time to review some of your progress, and a bunch of failures.

1) After more than a year, the syndicate token on void sabatoges going to earth seems to be fixed.  It used to spawn below the waterfall and obstructed by the landscape, but recently spawned correctly for me.  It's the first time it has worked, and I remain tentatively optimistic.

2) Syndicate token spawns seem to actually work.  The point here is that they aren't non-interactable at the start, require objective completion, then running all the way back to the start to pick-up.  Two to three weeks without this has been nice.

3) I haven't been stopped by a door on a Corpus tileset, and prevented from completing a mission, in about two weeks.  Fingers crossed this is a real fix and not just a luck roll of the dice.



Now the parts that still need to be addressed:

1) Anti Moa spawn used to be a Jupiter thing.  You swapped the tilesets, now the Simaris target is a pain to find.  Bad form, that should be addressed given all of the content you've placed behind the target scanning grind wall.

2) Speaking of the targets, the shield lancer is a physics breaking monster.  If you hit a simaris shield lancer target with a void blast it suddenly becomes an unchained physics object.  I got one, hit it, and it literally bounced around an entire room constantly until the game decided I was terrible and it died.  Two targets later, and I'd discovered it was not a unique event, and triggering a ragdoll with a slam attack had the same effect.  I could only complete it by taking the hits it spat out, and simply tanking through.

3) Speaking of shield lancers, they're melee immune until alerted.  This is one that means any stealth run is suddenly broken by their spawn, and you lose that multiplier.  It's what I'd call a non-existant hitbox, but they die just fine to silenced gunfire.  No idea what is going on here.

4) Stability and loading.  This is a pain.  I've had more disconnects in the past two weeks than before, and the game takes several minutes to load.  A month ago it was stable enough, and loading was a 30-100 second affair.  If this is the game with thousands more optimizations, maybe go back to the drawing board.

5) Vauban.  Yes, he needs a rework.  You let him down when CC lost out to DPS.  That's exactly the same as Ember and the Opticor.  The game meta shifted because of your broken scaling and introduced content, so frames who were great suddenly find their kit broken.  In my opinion Vauban, Ember, and Zephyr all need reworks.  Alternatively, fix the scaling and nerf a lot of damage.  That's what makes CC such a mess.  As per the reworks, Vauban needs to be burned down and rebuilt.  Ember needs an ultimate rework, as world on fire is a trash mob clearer which was nerfed hard to "fix" people using her to make lower level missions fast.  Zephyr has issues with physics (passive floating), common sense (oxium osprey=more health and armor than osprey, but oxium infused warframe=health+shield-armor), and having a two part ability 4 (2 expands 4), so only three functional powers.  I say all of the following as a Zephyr main (with no love or hate for Ember), so you can understand why it's frustrating to hear you say Vauban is the only thing you're looking at right now.  

6) Content.  I get that you're using Tennogen and alternative skins to support your development.  I even get forcing a monetary purchase, because if you do that a larger chunk of the payment can be taken by you, rather than pieces going to sub-partners and payment processors.  The problem I run into is that Tennogen seems to be more prolific than actual content.  Moreover, a lot of your new content is not something that can be earned reasonably, only something that you can grind miserably for or buy from a grinder.  Read: Lato and Braton Vandal.  Moreover, I get that you decided on Nightwave to maintain player interest instead of cratering participation between content.  How about we get the same content, spread out, with events like Dog Days (repeat: like, not a repeat).  Bring some simple cosmetics into the game, tie it to scores in an event, and have a clan tie-in that no single player could ever earn.  Moreover, don't even generate new content.  The rewards could be BP creation of the Ignis Wraith, Opticor Vandal, and other things that are already rewarded.  New players get access, older players get cosmetics if they want to grind or access to event mods if they don't.

7) Echoes.  No.  Just no.  I saw the summary of your content, and I'm scratching my head.  You grind for a rare item, get said item, use it on a single frame, get a dummy that can only shoot, and after 24 hours the echo vanishes.  If they ever drop, they can chill with the three Aura forma in my inventory and two Umbral forma.  If there's a very finite, or functionally not given, reward then you can't count on it for power.  If you can't count on it then there's no reason to ever engage.  It's even more frustrating when the power comes with more caveats than rewards, like Umbra Excalibur's ability to "support" you.  I don't run Umbra because Excalibur default is not interesting, but with the inability to consistently heal and know your frame will stay put there's no reason that the slight status boosts are capable of making this a good proposition.

8 ) Promises.  Please stop.  We're closing Nyx and Rhino prime vaults a bit early, and we're going to work on a new way to introduce frames.  Promises without any data, and a proposed release date just before a US holiday weekend...I sense disappointment.  I'd love to be wrong.

9) We're 14 months past the release of a scripted trailer for Railjack.  Best guess is a couple to a few more months at minimum.  Let's give this a November release, so we'll call it 16 months of development and whatever led to the scripted demonstration.  I'm going to keep expectations low, but I'd like to point out that this is exactly the reason that PoE and OV were so disappointing.  Huge promises, insane content droughts, and the resultant content was so largely based upon RNG that getting things was just a frustrating mess.  You're setting up the railjacks the same way, where minor power-ups will be entirely RNG based.  If the cool ship section becomes another K-drive level "cool on paper but without real differentiation beyond slight positive percentage stat increases" then it'll be another failure.  



Lots to do, another "mainline" update coming.  Volt 2.0 being released.  Hopefully I get to eat my words next week.  That said, I'm not holding my breath.

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On 2019-08-18 at 7:15 PM, Azarack said:

Just tell me the release date of Atlas Prime already !!

I Need It Omg GIF by Julia Jennings

4 primes per year.  365 days in a year.  About one week of notice before primes get vaulted.

Orbiter says Wukong Prime  was released 48 days ago.

90-48=42.  42-7=35.  

So, from the time of this post about a month more before the prime gets announced.  There's therefore about a month and a half before it can be purchased.


I'm almost waiting for them to announce something nutty like Ivara Prime has gotten pushed up because the Atlas player base is so low.  I don't think it'll happen, because even Zephyr got a release relatively on time.  The problem is it'll be right around the time that Railjack is supposed to be out, so the math above is best guess.  It's never assured, as DE seems to shuffle things based upon personal choices and whatever would impact the riven market and drive trade.  


Personally, I'm fearful.  Riven changes are no longer making mediocre weapons better, they're trying to normalize weapon usage.  That's a losing battle, where everything is eventually nerfed and rivens become useless RNG junk because even the best are simply competing with the released amalgam mods.  I don't get it.  DE is killing their own balance system by nerf, and it's tied to new content to make the hit less despised...

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