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Game does not launch


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Hello everyone,

for no apparent reason, my game won't start anymore. It worked fine the other day, the next morning after I click "play" I get a white Window for a second and then the game closes itself. 
I research this issue and many entries on different platforms over the years with numerous fixes, but none of those work for me. I tried:

- Verify files
- Switching to DX 10
- Run in Windowed mode
- New install
- New install in different location
- Checked Task Manager to see if app was still active: it is not
- Downloaded launcher directly from website (as opposed to Steam), which started the game up once and th the same issue came back again
- Run as admin
- checked firewall and antivirus settings
- Switch languages
- reset router
- disabled ivp6
- disabled any 3rd party app with an ingame overlay (discord, Nvidea shadowplay, etc)
- opened a ticket with support and included log files, no response yet (just about 36h, how long does it usually take?)

And probably a few other things I forgot.

I cannot play the game anymore and it's bumming me out hard. 

Any other advice?


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