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PLEASE READ DE (inline messages)


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DE if I could walk to your office and get all of you in a room i would get on my knees and fall flat on my face and beg you to turn off everyone's inline messages. it confuses new players and old players alike and out of the over 100 I've talked to about inline messages and what they do their immediate response is one word. WHY??? as in why would they jumple up your messages and trades and different chats sure if you want that enabled that's on you but do you know how many people get confused when you in a private conversation with someone like a friend or trader and suddenly just random things are filling up your chat?

come on DE not one of my friends even has it enabled... not any of my clan mates and the game is better for it.

someone who really really loves your games and wishes they even had a skill worthy of your company

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I have never seen anyone else complain about this, ever, and I have been here for a very, very long time.


Why does it seem like every time someone takes issue with something like this, they have to say they have talked to hundreds of others, who all say the same thing, but none of these hundreds of others show up to support the OP?

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