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You Guys Managed to Break Banshee's Deluxe


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While reading the most recent patchnotes, I got excited when I saw that the clipping of the skirt and Banshee's rear were finally fixed. And then I see it in game, and the skirt is broken as hell. I wanted to use pictures but imgur wasn't agreeing with me, so my apologize on that part.

But anyway, with most animation sets except the default (none) animation, the skirt literally shifts itself if there's any sort of movement with the legs, and it looks misplaced on the hips and in some more serious cases the front as well. As if that's not bad enough, the skirt sticks out FAR more than it should. A choice clearly made to prevent the clipping. And on the right side, an odd crease pops up that makes the lower part pop out EVEN MORE on top of the change to make it pop out even farther. And basically any Syandana, except for the ones that are just stiff with no cloth physics are even worse than they were before.

I'm glad you guys fixed this and all, but more problems were made than problems fixed. I found the old bug hilarious, but now with the entire skirt being destroyed, it's just purely annoying. A more so recent trend I've noticed lately... Most things are just half❤️❤️❤️'d and broken. Don't change or release something if you're just gonna be lazy with it. I've been with you guys since the old Quake days, and I know you guys are capable of more than these messy changes with all the talented people you got working in that studio. And I already know someone down there is gonna be someone down there defending DE, but honestly, I just wish the changes were a lot more polished... Like the *AHEMs in Ember Main* Ember rewor---- Sorry, NERF. Anyway, I'd love if the skin was fixed so I didn't waste my Platinum. And on top of that, save me some more Platinum and fix the Wukong deluxe. Thanks.

Finally managed to get Imgur to work:



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