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Host transfer issue screwed me over


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I was opening relics, it was a neo in an interception stage in uranus and suddenly a condition overload drops, man i was so happy, i been trying to far that mod for weeks now. The thing is we finish first round, everyone votes to stay but one person, the host. Then the host transfer thing happens as always but after the loading screen is over my character was stuck and couldnt move or anything but type and use the menus, even tried the /unstuck but that only left my warframe inside map decoration. Chatting with a group member he told me was stuck in the relic selection screen. We didnt know what was happening, waited there for quite a while till i decide to hit the abort mission.

Everything was lost, the condition overload ive been farming for weeks gone, im really upset and sad about this. Is there any way i could get it back? i know im not providing any solid poof like an screenshot with this post, but man im desperated, weeks farming that mod with such a low drop rate is blowing my mind, please perrty please help me out on this one to be a happy tenno.

Thanks in advance and sorry for all inconvenience.

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