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Migrated to a completely different squad


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Was playing Excavation yesterday to crack relics and level Limbo, the host had to leave so we migrated. When it loaded back in I was in a completely different squad, same mission, but different team mates. My limbo also went down from level 10 to level 8. I extracted and I got the same rewards I'd picked from the previous squad, I was..just put with a different squad.

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got one better for you...

I was leveling on Hydron, made it to wave 15 and opted to stay for 5 more, Host left so i migrated into Elite Sanctuary Onslaught with a group that was on round 6....

LOST ALL of my mission progress (including the warframe EXP i had just gained and the mission rewards) and had to do ESO from round 6 with my lv1 frame and a secondary weapon.


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