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Bad Karma - Active Uk Clan Recruiting


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Hi All!


Bad Karma are a UK based Ghost Clan, looking to recruit a few more highly active players. Your experience level and gear doesn't matter - if you don't have the gear yet, we can help you get it!


We are currently a duo, both of us with a large variety of levelled, potatoed and forma'd frames and gear. So far it's been our aim to do as much as possible in the game as a duo including high wave defences, but we'd like to also start doing more 4-man content such as competing more seriously in weekend events and pushing for super high wave defences. Plus, more people to farm and kill bad guys with would be awesome :)


We are active variously from 9am-midnight GMT every day as both of us have very flexible jobs. We're looking for at minimum two more players who are similarly highly active during the day and late evening. We dont mind if you are very experienced or very new, and we're very happy to run you through missions and help you farm; all we ask is that you're pretty active and have or intend to have a good grasp of game mechanics and an eye to do the most difficult things we can get our hands on.


We use Skype and/or Teamspeak. We have our own TS server, though right now we're using Skype for quality.


And yes, we have a fully researched Clan Dojo.



If you are interested, please add me in game (Calmdowne) and send me a mesage, or alternatively add me on skype (iangobrien) and drop me a line.

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