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second sort of levelingssystem


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I dont know if i'm the only one who would like the idea of becoming the grand warrior that a tenno should have been and be possible to do every mission with my favorite frame instead of needing to switch frames to do very hard missions or events. So i had a thought and wonderd if it was possible to have a, lets call it a second levelings system. At first i thought a simple system where everytime you put forma in to you frame you get 0.1 percent of your base statics. What looks nice at first but would come fast overpowerd i think (and not grindy enough for the game we all love), so instead i was thinking in the line of: when you put forma you get the choice to put it in your warframe and get the slot symbole, or put it towards: health, power, shield, armor or ability's.

if you put 1 forma in health or power you get 1 point extra and every 25th point regenerates 0.1

if you put 1 forma in shield or armor you get 1 point extra

and if you put 1 forma in ability's your ability's become stronger (not figured out how yet)

I think that this may reward the player to invest in 1 frame and hope that this may bring more frames to places where they otherwise only get by leeching on other warframe players. I dont know how you guys think of this sort of levelings system but think that i'm not the only one hoping to take there favorit warframe to al the mission there are. 


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Adding infinite scaling to frames would completely kill the balance of this game. Even if you caped out the number of forma this would simply add another level of tedium onto an already tedium riddled game. 

I get you want to run around as your favorite frame all the time, and to be honest, if you build right and get the right mods, you can. There are very very few frames that are incapable of doing high tier content effectively on there own, just frames that do certain jobs better than others. 

The main point of this game is player choice, and adding a system like this would completely destroy that choice. Now why would you ever try/play a new warframe when you've already sunk so many hours into one to get it to forma level 100+? Would you really want to go into such a grind when it already is such a tedious task just to level frames to begin with? 

I don't think people, or at least I know I don't, want even more reason to let other people play the game in ESO as I level my frame to 30 for the 50th time...and it would make an already pretty easy game, lose all its semblance of difficulty entirely, as instead of the hard cap our frames have now, we'd be able to go infinite just like our enemies. I know we don't really have balance already in warframe, but this would kill any semblance of it entirely. 

(Though I will admit have mulled over the idea a good many times within my own head, I just think it wouldn't fit the game. If your looking to power up a frame that is lack luster, try looking into Umbral mods, those, ive been finding recently, can amp up pretty much any frame into viable status if used just right...)

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