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Where I Can Farm T1 Void Key?



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I have a hard time with T1 exterminate especially.


However, for the rest, Survival missions are your best bet I think:



Look at the loot table per faction and you'll see why it's a good idea to farm there. Sure you may get one of the unwanted mods, but at least you have a high chance to get keys instead of dealing with the huge item pool of Defense missions (which by the way needs a look at).

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From survival you can easily farm T1 Survival, Capture, Mobile Defense, and Defense keys by just going in and surviving for 5min. 5min is easily solo-able so if you want T1 keys I'd suggest soloing or looking for a group who only wants T1 keys. Most who play online are wanting to make it to 10 or 15min for the Tower 2 & 3 keys.


As far as Exterminate goes though, you'll have to do Defense on Venus and Earth (they only give T1 keys at wave 5). If you choose to go past wave 5, Wave 10 gives Tower 2 keys (tier 2 rewards) and Wave 15 gives Tower 3 keys (tier 3 rewards).

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