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Lets make Warframe Families


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Some frames have similarities between eachother and are somewhat 'connected' so Im going to make families/relation out of the current warframes we have, just cause I was bored.

Rhino & Hildryn-Siblings

Rhino & Ember-Husband and Wife-Son Nezha

Vauban & Nova- Husband and Wife-Son Volt and daughter Mag

Octavia & Banshee- Sisters

Garuda & Valkyr-Sisters

Nekros & Nyx-Husband and Wife-Sons Revenant and Nidus

Wukong, Mirage & Loki-Siblings

Frost & Hydroid- Brothers

Inaros & Harrow-Brothers

Limbo & Saryn-Husband and Wife-Daughter Wisp

Oberon & Gara-Husband and Wife-Daughter Khora 

Lets add more ot this, let your mind freee 😉

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whole story spoiler warning so...



always had this idea that equinox was a pair of siblings that Togaman spliced together because he's a massive sadist.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that a lot of the frames come from sibling-pairs, such as Excalibur and Mesa (a swordsman and a gunslinger), rhino and nyx (brawn and brains; often unvaulted together), frost and ember (the whole theme of "balance" through opposing elements), valkyr and banshee (both named after mythological death-portents), zephyr and garuda (both birds, both derived from sisters), trinity and nekros (masters of life and death), mirage and limbo (glam-masters), mag and volt (brother and sister with electromagnetic powers), baruuk and hildryn (same syndicate, same place, again polar opposites).

there's some pairs of frames that i think come from relatives (i'm convinced that revenant is actually isaah, umbra's son, because of the tall hat and the fact that ballas wouldn't let guinea pigs go to waste) - or couples (nezha the twink and his sugar daddy wukong; oberon and titania were/are fairy king and queen in mythology, and saryn might be related to one of them or have been made from their formerly-human kid).

nidus is a wildcard - possibly the helminth in the form of a man, without having been based on any human at all.



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