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Warframe Poem: Song of the Unum


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I wrote this poem about the fall of the Orokin from the point of view of a modern-day Ostron (hence the technical historical inaccuracies). I imagined it would be sung in similar manner to how Clamavi De Profundis did the Song of Durin: 


Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to reproduce this work, so long as credit is given to me (Franz Krabel).


Song of the Unum


In the forgotten times of Old 

The World was clad in blue and gold 

A life was long and fair and sweet 

The skyward moon was yet complete 


The Orokin of ages past 

Forged a kingdom great and vast 

From their seven gilded thrones 

They ruled over all yet known


Immortal were these Gods of Old 

Eternal lords of burnished gold 

Joyous and gleeful they were all 

In all the years before the Fall 


But far beyond the Sun’s fair light

An evil stirred within the night

It gazed upon the golden Gods

And saw their glory was yet flawed. 


The evil rose with a death’s knell 

One by one the Emperors fell 

To the evil scourge of Life. 

Thus began the age of strife. 


Even the Moon broke from the sky 

And all knew the end was nigh 

But on the darkest of all nights 

The world was lit up by the sight 


Of soldiers forged in silver frames 

Silent saviours with no names 

The Guardians rose with the sound 

Of the Naga drums unbound 


For they had heard the world’s plight 

The scourge was shattered by their might

With gun and blade and blinding light 

They drove the evil into the night 


The war won, the saviours praised 

From every tower the fires blazed 

For the end of the age of strife 

For the salvation of all life 


The saviours returned to rest 

The Gods remade their empire blessed 

But in those joyous halls of Gold 

Alone was one who’s heart was cold 


He turned on them, his own kin 

With that act he ushered in 

The death of all the Gods of Old 

Now all that’s left are halls of Gold 


Halls for which the silence rules 

By empty thrones and lost tools 

The world woke to a new dawn 

For the Old Gods are all gone 


Yet in the night, the scourge endures 

Drifting gaunt beyond stars obscure 

When it rises in darkness deep 

The guardians shall wake from sleep. 

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