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Selling items as a new player



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There are primes that never leave the drop table. They are easy to get so few buy the sets :  braton, burston, Paris, orthos, lex, vasto. (Off the top of my head). 


Prime parts have different rarity. And can traded in relays for things called ducets. Baro is the trader that uses that currency. He shows up once every 2weeks. (Will be here tomorrow, in the mr8 locked relay). 

Primes have rarity levels. Common=15 ducets. Uncommon =45. Rare=100. However some use to be uncommon and now drops as common and are 25, or were rare and now 65. 


In the next 2 days people will want what they call prime junk. Find one offering 2or more plat and trade them the parts of those weapons I listed at start of comment that are worth 15 ducates. 

That is the easiest trade to get when low on resources.

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